Sunday 26 November 2023

My Portfolio Oct23


Summary For October 2023

Portfolio @ End of Oct23

Even though KLCI inched up 1.3%, October 2023 was not a good month for my portfolio as it lost 2.1%.

Almost all the stocks in my portfolio suffered loss except MFCB who manage to gain 1.8%, while MI & LEESK were unchanged.

Many stock market investors are hoping for a much better second half but at the moment it seems hard to come by.

Year-to-date, KLCI retreated 3.6% while my portfolio still gain 8.7%.

I'd be happy if my portfolio can end the year with >10% gain.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

My Portfolio Sep23


Summary of September 2023

Portfolio @ End of Sep23

In Sep23, Brent oil price went up from USD85 to USD94. As a result, Hibiscus share price soared 18%.

MI also gained a decent 7.5% in the month.

Other than these, other stocks did not change much.

Thanks to the 2 stocks mentioned above, my portfolio manage to gain 1.5% in Sep23, with a YTD gain of 10.9%.

Sunday 10 September 2023

My Portfolio Aug23

 Summary For August 2023

Portfolio @ End of Aug23

It's been a flat month of Aug23. KLCI dropped marginally  (-0.5%) while my portfolio gained 0.7%.

Gtronic gained the most at 10.4% while LEESK suffered the most with a 11.6% loss, probably due to its poor quarter result.

I planned to dispose all my Krono warrants on the first day of trading but I just missed the date.

Thus I only manage to sell off at lower price of 15sen on the second day of trading.

I don't have any potential new stocks to invest in at the moment. I'll consider to top up on a few existing stocks in my portfolio.

Monday 21 August 2023

My Portfolio Jul23

 Summary For July 2023

Portfolio @ End of Jul23

July 2023 was a rather good month for stock market as tech stocks led the way.

MI's share price jumped 17% while Gtronic gained 14%. JHM was not far behind with a 9.4% gain in the month.

Overall my portfolio improved by 6.4% in parallel with an impressive 6.0% gain in KLCI in the month of Jul23.

In this month, bonus shares of Krono was ex-ed and there was no buy sell transaction for me.