Saturday, 21 January 2023

Review 2022 & Preview 2023

Year 2022 was a bad year to me in term of stock market investment in which my portfolio lost 16%.

The table below shows the stocks in my portfolio at the beginning and end of year 2022. Only 3 out of 14 stocks manage to end the year in positive territory.

These 3 stocks are Hibiscus, Master & Uchitec.

Apart from the hopeless Fast which has already been "impaired" long time ago, JHM & MI are the worst performer of the year with a 57% & 44% loss respectively.

MI was only added into the portfolio in Jan22. At that time, it has already fallen 50% from RM5 to RM2.50.

I didn't buy and sell a lot in 2022. Besides MI, I added LEESK into my portfolio, top up more JHM & Krono's shares and traded LTKM.

This "tech-heavy" move is the main reason that makes 2022 a bad year for me.

I sold and removed LeonFB, Jaks and Master from my portfolio in 2022. It seems like I disposed Jaks too late and Master too early...

Sunday, 8 January 2023

My Portfolio Dec22

 Summary For December 2022

Stock Portfolio @ End of Dec22

Year 2022 didn't end with a bang as many investors have hoped for. KLCI inched up only 0.45% in Dec22 while my portfolio improved by only 2.2%.

Overall for the whole year of 2022 my portfolio suffered a 16% loss. This is the second worst annual loss since losing 28.8% in 2018.

Meanwhile, KLCI ended year 2022 with a loss of 4.6% which is worse than 3.7% loss registered in 2021.

Most of the share price of stocks in my portfolio remain quite stable in December, with the exception of Krono & LeeSK which rallied 17% and 15% respectively.

Maybulk dropped from RM0.435 to RM0.36 but there was a 10sen special dividend ex-ed in the month.

Sunday, 11 December 2022

My Portfolio Nov22

 Summary For November 2022

My Portfolio @ End of Nov22

In the month of Nov22, tech-related stocks staged a good rebound. MI & Gtronic both rose 13.7% & 10.6% respectively but JHM dropped 11.6%.

The downtrend of JHM continues and it has already lost 25% in two months. 

Meanwhile, the share price of Krono and Uchitec stay relatively flat.

MyNews is the top performer in my portfolio this month with a 15.9% gain, followed closely by Hibiscus at 14.4% gain.

Overall, Nov22 was dominated by General Election 15 and it was a good month for Malaysia's stock market. 

The outcome of the election with the resulting "Unity Government" seems to be welcomed by most investors.

Sunday, 13 November 2022

My Portfolio Oct22

 Summary of October 2022

Portfolio @ End of Oct22

In October 2022, both myNews & Hibiscus performed brilliantly by advancing 24.4% & 15.5% respectively.

However, tech related stocks continue to suffer. JHM lost the most at 16% this month while Gtronic and Krono both fell 11%.

Overall, my portfolio manage to register a small gain of 3.3% this month but YTD is still losing 20%.