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Last updated on 7th Feb 2017

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  1. U should put ur entry price n how much u spend on each

  2. cs, I put my average entry price in my monthly portfolio summary. Other info I think not important so I don't put in.

    Any good stocks to share?

  3. Now actually planning to sell most of my holding....waiting for opportunity...

    Will put my bet on plantation stock after reshuffle my porfolio....koon yew yin push hard on jtiasa,what u think???

    Outside plantation,think maybe amedia....quiet for sometime n her dttb maybe is time to roll out...u saw any change in the penang buses advertisement???

  4. I'm extremely uncomfortable with JTiasa's debts + bank overdrafts, though D/E ok at 0.56.

    I don't monitor Amedia for quite some time, not sure what's their plan but seems not doing so well after transfer to main board. I think the ads mainly on buses in the island, should ask ttt, haha.

  5. I have a feeling koon yew yin pushes very hard on jtiasa....there r lots more factors to consider beside the ffb increament in the valuation of plantation stock.....anyway,will just take a look as generally plantation ardy bottom out,just a matter of time....

    Amedia to me is a goteng stock....but or course think got some fundamental...thr dttb will definitely a good factor....again,at 8 cent a share,think it has bottomed out,nothing much to lose.....dttb has been delayed for 2 yrs....dun think it will get delayed much longer unless they abandon it....most business venture will start to c some signs of success after 2 yrs if on the right track,like open a,clinic after 2 yrs u know whether u on the right think is around time to shine...the ad business model n dttb idea is actually good,all depends on the management ,hope they finish off with the bright packaging takeover last yr n refocus bac into amedia....

  6. I'm also looking for a plantation stock, but my gut feeling says may be not so soon. First Resources in SGX, as recommended by a blog reader here, seems good & safe. But of course less risk less return.

    I believe Mr Koon is right that JTiasa is very undervalued, but might take quite long term to see the result. I think there are better options elsewhere.

  7. Dear Sir, was impressed with your analysis and your ROI in regards of share investment return.

    Seek your advice - if you have 100K cash in hand, what will be the investment strategy you may advice?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Dear SCD, Thanks.

    If I have extra 100k cash now, I'll invest 50% in stock market & another 50% as cash/FD. If I can find a truly undervalued stock, then may be 100% into the market :)

    In different time the strategy might be different. I might consider a property if I can find a good one.

    Anyway, everyone has different risk appetite & we should invest in what we are comfortable with.

  9. Hi BD,
    Thanks for your kind reply and advice.

    With the Bursa hitting record high, I believe it's kind of tough to sniff for undervalued stock nowadays.

    What do you reckon for stocks like L&G, AMPROP, SNTORIA, LBALUM, NTPM, IOIPG? Are they consider undervalued stocks? I noticed those stocks have good earnings qor and yoy.

    Hope to get some investment insight from your goodself.

    As for property investment, with current uncertainty, a downpayment of 50K will not get me anywhere due to current high psf valuation and pricing from developers. :( (e.g some of new launches in PJ priced at 700-900psf!)

    Thanks again for your advice.

  10. FCD, Sorry that I'm not going to study all the stocks u mentioned here in detail...

    I have studied L&G in detail before. Its share price at 55 sen now seems undervalued but bear in mind its large loan stocks & currently if not mistaken it's a one-project company. If its upcoming project at Ampang can get very good sales then it's good. So I would wait and see. Anyway I think current FY will still be good.

    I have watched LBAlum & NTPM also. LBAlum is probably undervalued & worth investing in, just the growth is probably slow. NTPM is not cheap now but it is expanding into Indochina market. But it takes time.

    Personally I'm not optimistic of Sentoria's resort project since it was listed. It has poor cash flow & balance sheet as well. For IOIPG & AMPROP I'm not sure. Do let me know if there are exciting development in these companies :)

  11. Hi BD,
    Many thanks for sharing your insight on the stocks mentioned. Do appreciate.