Wednesday, 1 June 2011

KL Eco City: Sardines around the River

Finally... bye bye Abdullah Hukum. Welcome KL Eco City!

    KL Eco City: nice

I just received an email today regarding the preview of KL Eco City, a mixed development mega project from SP Setia & DBKL. It's at the former Kg Abdullah Hukum, opposite Mid Valley City, adjacent to NPE & Federal Highway with a LRT station and a nearby komuter station. I remember Feng Shui master Joey Yap said that the area has excellent Feng Shui. He really means it as he set up his office over there.  There will be so many blocks of offices in this tight area. Must be very jam.

This is the invitation email I get today (1st June). The preview date is 4th June.

Then just now I notice someone posted this earlier in a forum,

The date is on 29th May, which is last Sunday. That's why I always think that all good units being snapped up even before soft launch! Perhaps SP Setia know that I'm not their Setia buyer, haha!

    All packed in this land

Anyway, if you shout location, location, location in property investment, then I think this is the one. I guess they are launching the residential block. Does anyone know the price? Heard that the office block is  from RM1000psf! I'm not familiar with Klang valley but I guess must be >RM600psf for this leasehold. If the price is ok and you are rich I think may be it is worth investing in. Will it be like buying fish in the market and sold out before official launch? KL folks, what do you think?


  1. too much to invest in real estate...better to buy spsetia stock instead..hehe

  2. Buying shares definitely is alot easier and time-saving. The good thing about property investment is, if u have RM30,000, you can buy a RM300,000 property but u can only buy RM30,000 company's shares. It's not easy to buy a right property in a right place at a right price & right time, just like buying shares. But share has much much more liquidity! Personally I prefer to buy shares but wish to "diversify" a bit in property.