Saturday, 17 December 2011

IJM Is Coming To Town

You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout I'm telling you why, IJM Land's first project in Bukit Mertajam - Permatang Sanctuary is coming to town. 

Permatang Sanctuary is developed on a 130-acres freehold land at Alma area near Permatang Tinggi. It is a guarded but not gated neighborhood consists of 488 units of 2-storey linked semi-ds, 188 units of 2-storey semi-ds, 134 units of linked bungalows, 10 units of bungalows, a row of shoplots and low cost apartment. Phase 1 is made up of 78 units linked semi-ds and 92 units semi-ds. So far only part of phase 1 is open for sale.

      Permatang Sanctuary location

A special feature of this project is the retention pond in the middle of phase 1. The retention pond area is originally a playground with grass, but when it rains, the rain water will fill it up to become a pond.

      Retention Pond

From the brochure, the land size of linked semi-d is 32.8 x 82 ft, built-up 20 x 47 ft. For the semi-d, the land size is 32 x 98 ft, built-up 22 x 48 ft. I am not sure whether these are the standard land size or not. The price of  linked semi-d starts from RM438,000 while the semi-d starts from RM 485,000.

      Floor plan

There will be RM20,000 discount for early buyers and all the stamp duty, legal fees and disbursement are fully borne by developer (Zero Entry Package). Booking fee is RM10,000 and the rest of the 10% will be paid upon signing of S&P.

Alma is an area which sees lots of residential and commercial development at the moment. Nevertheless, the  concern for Permatang Sanctuary is the nearby broiler farm, which is just adjacent to its phase 1 development. No one will know exactly how it will affect the area until one start to live in there. Nearby Desa Impian 2 by Asas Dunia is also surrounded by a few broiler farms, but the sales is still good.

     AEON Jusco Alma site: land is already cleared

IJM Land does not provide Permatang Sanctuary's site map in their brochure and website yet. I just simply sketch the site map base on what I can remember from the showroom. However, this map is not very accurate and may be wrong.

      Possible site map, future phases will be further from chicken farm

From the sales chart, it seems like not many units are left in Day 1 except the bumi lots. All those with standard land size have been grabbed in the morning hours itself. Is it the IJM factor?

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