Monday 23 April 2012

Batu Kawan Development Plan

While the Penang Second Link is getting closer and closer towards completion, the property in Batu Kawan area is still not getting much attention.

So far, besides the Dedaun bungalow series, almost all other property development in Batu Kawan are low-medium cost home, without any major commercial development. This may be the reason most property investors think that this is not the time yet.

However, with the arrival of a few factories and the marvelous HDB-flat-like apartment in the area, the heat can be felt slightly now. Some rich folk may even start to think of getting one or few units of so-called affordable housing scheme apartment by the Penang government.

Besides PDC, which apparently owns a big chunk of land in Batu Kawan, Equine Capital also will play a major role in the development here. PDC has completed Dedaun phase 1 and a few Taman in the northern boundary. While Equine has just completed a few hundreds units of affordable landed houses at its Crescentia Park namely the Studio S, M, L & Clover.

     Crescentia Park: just 20% completed

From a glance of Batu Kawan future development plan, the current completed houses in Crescentia Park including the under-construction Callisia only comprises about 20% of the total area. Apart from this Crescentia Park, Equine seems to have another huge development at the southern area of Batu Kawan, which is a new 300-acres commercial hub.

     The new commercial hub is no.6 here

It is "rumoured" that Mahsing has already bought a piece of land here for development. Where can the land be? Is it the land below no.1 golf course? If it is true, then we can expect "better house & living" here, but don't expect it will come cheap!

     This 450-acres Eco-Township is the Crescentia Park.
     No.5 is for the affordable housing scheme.

      Not many area for industrial (purple) actually. Honda and Ibiden is there.

The housing area (brown colour) at the north of no.6 new commercial hub belongs to PDC's Dedaun phase 2, if not mistaken. So we can see that apart from those mentioned earlier: the Crescentia Park, state government affordable housing scheme and a few PDC's land at north & east of Batu Kawan, there will be no more residential area here.

Currently, Batu Kawan is still not a convenient place to live for many people. In the future, surely this will change, but how long will it takes? Five years or 10 years?

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