Friday, 27 July 2012

Sunway Again In Bukit Mertajam?

Recently heard some rumour that Sunway is compensating house owners at Kampung Aston just next to Ivory/Dijaya's Aston Villa. Is Sunway going to have another project in Bukit Mertajam?

      Another Sunway project in Bukit Mertajam?

Anyway, this is just a rumour.

Sunway Wellesley, which is Sunway's first project in Bukit Mertajam is currently in the land-filling stage for its commercial development.

The first phase of Sunway Wellesley features 29 units of 3-storey shop offices sprawled over 3.2 acres. As the developer sees the importance of providing choices, the shop-offices come in two unique designs, with built-ups for the first type starting from 3,815 sq ft on a lot size of 1,300 sq ft –perfect for boutiques and wellness centres – and the second design comes with a built-up of 4,270 sq ft with a lot size of 1,460 sq ft, which would appeal to flagship businesses and F&B outlets.

      Sunway Wellesley Grand Lobby

Sunway Wellesley takes modern architecture and gives it a green twist, by providing a 15-feet high ceiling for the ground floor shop-offices, giving room for natural light to filter through with proper ventilation for businessmen and consumers alike. There is also a 15-feet wide verandah walkway and a covered al fresco area, a respite from the hot Malaysian sun for pedestrians. The shop-offices themselves come with double frontage, giving businesses added exposure. 

      Sunway Wellesley

Bukit Mertajam old town center is busy & noisy in the daytime but quiet in the night time, except in the market area. Will Ivory & Sunway projects bring more night life to this area?


  1. Good post here. WOuld think this project should take off well considering Sunway's good track record. Am thinking to take up a unit here. Any input from the Penangites here would be appreciated.

    Am a KL lad :)

  2. Not really a perfect location for Sunway Wellesley, but perhaps Sunway has the ability to turn it into a great commercial area?

    Heard that it will be launched this week, price from RM972k for 2-storey 20x65. This may be the most expensive shop-office in BM, followed by Wing Tai's (DNP) Impiana Commercial Hub at Alma which are priced at RM868k last year for 20x60. Not far away Ivory's 4-storey shops at Aston Villa only RM9xxk ~2 years ago...