Thursday, 21 March 2013

AEON To Lift Alma Soon?

We know that AEON (previously Jusco) has bought part of the land at Impiana Commercial Hub from WingTai Asia (DNP) in August 2011 to build a shopping center in Alma. After clearing the land since about 1 year ago, there is no further activity on the land.

Then AEON Japan announced in Nov 2012 that they have bought over Carrefour operation in Asia. This means that there will be an AEON hypermarket in Bukit Minyak only few km away from Alma. Everyone is wondering will AEON Malaysia change their plan of building a shopping center in Alma?

Anyway, the existing Carrefour will be changed to AEON Big, a hypermarket style catering lower-medium income group. Thus it should be different from an AEON departmental store which caters for medium-higher income group.

Since March this year (2013), we can see some earthwork activity going on at the AEON Alma site. Heavy machinery have been moved in, and the construction of drainage system at the boundary has begun.

     Drainage work at boundary

Furthermore, piling work has started at the site since a few days ago. This is a good news for Alma residents and investors, as the work on AEON shopping complex building might just have been started.

     Piling on-going

     AEON Alma costruction site

Has AEON changed their plan on the shopping complex and build other things? Lets look at the construction sign board at the construction site. It says that "1 blok kompleks perniagaan 4 tingkat" or "1 block of 4-storey shopping complex" will be built at the site. The developer is "DNP Land".

     It's a 4-storey shopping complex,  including basement?

After this, what event do you think will follow after everyone knows that AEON is definitely coming to Alma? Yes, right, you got it. DNP Land will make their move surely, by launching the luxury condominium BM Mahkota probably in 2nd quarter. The selling price? Sorry, don't expect anything less than RM300psf I guess.

     BM Mahkota, ICH & Hotel, with AEON at the back

If the plan of AEON complex really materialized, it will surely bring a lot of positive to Alma. After 2-3 years, almost coincides with the occupation of various surrounding high-end housing scheme such as Jesselton Hill, Hillpark Residence, Permatang Sanctuary, Tropicale Residency, Alma Indah, BM Mahkota etc, Alma area will be lifted to another level.

If you want to get a property in Alma and wish to wait for the price to drop first, then you probably have to wait, wait and wait, though current new property price here is a bit "ridiculously high"...

     Impiana Boulevard @ ICH

     Impiana Avenue @ ICH

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