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UK Uni & KDU Land At Batu Kawan

If everything goes as planned, 10th Oct 2013 will mark the beginning of the first oversea university branch in Seberang Perai of Penang.

Local company PKT Logistic Group is expected to sign a franchise agreement with University of Hull UK to establish a university campus in Batu Kawan. The construction should start in 2014 and student intake should be in 2017.

University of Hull in Batu Kawan will offer pre-U programmes, degrees and post-graduate studies in electrical & electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, business study, logistic study, accountancy and law. Students can enroll in  the "3+0" programme and complete the whole study in Penang.

University of Hull was established in 1927 and is currently ranked no.53 among UK top universities. Anyway, I believe that most Malaysians know Hull because of its football team - The Tiger.

The 5-acre campus is located at the southern part of Batu Kawan and it is part of PKT's "One Auto Hub" project. This area was initially allocated for light industry. The premium outlet should be right opposite at the other side of the bridge.

       One Auto Hub should be the light blue colour area

One Auto Hub is a development that comprises a few components, which are The Ship campus (which is University of Hull campus), Lighthouse hotel, pavilion, automotive logistic facilities, warehouses, jetty, mangrove walk or animal sanctuary.

You may be wondering what the hell is this "The Ship" and is it related to one famous restaurant? No.

PKT Logistic has one such development in Selangor next to Kesas Highway which is called "One Logistic Hub". It has a few components such as The Ship, The Wave, The Lighthouse & The Sea of Pineapples. Here, "The Ship" is a warehouse and really looks like a ship externally and internally. Don't ask me why pineapples please, but pineapples are really planted there.

       One Logistic Hub - similar thing in Batu Kawan soon

Thus, "The Ship" in Batu Kawan's One Auto Hub is a university building & campus.

Besides University of Hull, local education group KDU will also set up a KDU university college on a 10-acre site in Batu Kawan. It will offer degrees in engineering, business, accounting, information technology, hospitality, culinary & tourism, mass communications, design and English. In the future, it is expected to become a full-fledged KDU university. Student enrollment is expected to start in year 2018.

Penang Development Corporation will sell a 30-acre land in the heart of Batu Kawan to Paramount Corporation Berhad, which is the parent company of KDU. Apart from the 10 acres land allocated for education, the other 20 acres will be used for mixed development. This means that after GOB & Malton, Paramount also has a share of Batu Kawan property feast.

       The site of KDU & Paramount land

       Approximate site of KDU & branch of University of Hull

Earlier in August 2013 PDC has held a request for proposal for the purchase, lease and development of a 87ha (215 acres) of international theme park and a 180ha (470 acres)18-hole golf course in the northern part of Batu Kawan. The closing date to submit the proposal is Oct 31. These development must be completed within 4 years after signing the agreement. Lets wait until November and see what kind of theme park is proposed.

       Theme park location as being pointed out

Since the 2nd bridge is still yet to complete, property development activity in Batu Kawan is currently restricted to GOB's project in Bandar Cassia, which is at the north of Batu Kawan. Its 22x40ft leasehold Callisia 2 double storey terrace houses which will obtain OC soon is asking for more than RM540k by someone in the subsale market. More expensive than the "luxury & big" DST in Jesselton Hill BM...

Anyway, Batu Kawan will be the third satellite modern township in Penang, after Bayan Baru and Seberang Jaya. All 3 areas have similarities such as supported by major industrial park and well-connected to the bridge. 

Nevertheless, though some big factories like Honda have started operation, the potential of Batu Kawan is still very much overlooked. 

We should be able to get a clearer picture after the completion of Penang second bridge which is scheduled to be on Nov 8 of 2013.

Private or government hospital next?

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