Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Feng Shui Forecast For 2014

About 2 weeks ago I read an article in The Edge online regarding stock market forecast made by a famous Feng Shui master Lilian Too.

For her, in year 2014 which is the year of Wood Horse, the best sectors are real estate and construction. Second best are Oil & Gas, water-related, shipping and banking sectors.

The worst performing sectors in 2014 will be wood-based sector, which includes timber and plantation.

For year 2013 which is last year, Lilian Too did give a similar forecast as usual. She mentioned that in 2013, wood-based sector such as plantation, agriculture, pharmaceutical & print publishing will do well, followed by water-based banking/brokers sectors.

From her forecast as well, worst-performing sectors in 2013 are fire-related such as F&B, and metal-related such as gold & shipping.

Now year 2013 in Chinese calendar is almost over. What do you think of the accuracy in her 2013 forecast? Would you take her 2014 forecast seriously?

       Lilian Too

The other famous Feng Shui master in Malaysia is perhaps Joey Yap. I attended his recent 2014 Feng Shui & Astrology Seminar in Penang and he did give a brief forecast for economy in 2014.

For him, in the year of Wood Horse which started from 4th Feb 2014, fire element will be the strongest. Sectors related to fire include Oil & Gas, F&B, Airlines, Electronics/Technology & Service.

This is followed by wood-based sector which will also do well in 2014. This includes Plantation, Furniture, Clothing/Fashion & wood-related products.

The third best would be metal-related, which includes Jewellery, Finance & Automobile.

For property & construction which are the best in Lilian Too's forecast, both do not exist in Joey Yap's list (I think they are related to earth element). For wood-based sector which is the worst in Lilian Too's forecast, it appears to be second best in Joey Yap's forecast.

However, Joey Yap did not mention that the property sector is bad, but he said that 2014 will be bad for speculators but good for true investors.

       Joey Yap

If you ask a third Feng Shui master to make a forecast, he or she might give another different view.

So Feng Shui seems to be very subjective and "unscientific" and many people do not believe in it because of these reasons.

For me, everyone has their own body and brain which decide where they want to go and what they want to do. Anyone can choose whether to believe in Feng Shui, or who to believe in with their own decision.

A lot of things in the world have no definite answer. For example, in religion, you can choose to believe in your own God but how do we know that your God is better than his God? Can we even prove the existence of God?

Despite so many uncertainties that cannot be proven by science, almost every single person in this world follow their own God.

What we need to do is to make our own decision, do our part, and do not interfere or do harm to the others.

In Malaysia's Feng Shui scene, I think both Joey Yap and Lilian Too stand out among the others because they penetrate both Chinese and English speaking market successfully. Both of them are renowned internationally but they also have significant contradiction in their Feng Shui teaching.

For Joey Yap, a self-made young millionaire who holds an accountant degree, he practices "Classical Feng Shui" which follows exactly the ancient scripts.

For Lilian Too who was ex-CEO of Hong Leong Capital, practices what Joey Yap refers to as "Modern Feng Shui", which involves lots of decorative stuffs & modern ideas. 

In other words, "Modern Feng Shui" sells a lot of things like statues, pictures, bracelets etc but "Classical Feng Shui" thinks that all these do not have any impact on Feng Shui.

For example, things like Ba Gua mirror, Wealth God statue and certain numbers are important forms of solution in some Feng Shui teaching, but to classical Feng Shui's teaching, they are nothing more than a mirror, ceramic statue and numbers. Joey Yap's prescription focuses on house Feng Shui and personal development.

       Year 2014 BaZi chart, different interpretation from different masters

Personally I think Feng Shui is an interesting subject but I'm not an enthusiast. I tend to follow Joey Yap's Classical Feng Shui though.

I like Joey Yap because his teaching focuses on good things and what we have, rather than the bad things or what we don't have.

Of course Joey Yap sells something as well, as it is anyway a business. He sells education such as books, courses & consultation for those who just want to know more about astrology or become an astrology consultant.

Some other Feng Shui practitioners tend to sell decorative stuffs but all these are non-existence in Joey Yap's business.

Once I was invited by a friend to attend another Feng Shui seminar. After the talk, there is a free fortune-telling or consultation base on our birth date (BaZi). The consultant stressed on the negative aspect of BaZi. My wife felt very scared and uneasy after the consultation. 

So they gave a solution, which was to buy something to wear on our body (I won't reveal what is it here). This thing costs a few thousands and of course the more expensive it is, the more power it will have to turn the negative to positive.

Though it is not appealing to me, I'm not saying that all these things are no good. I'm sure that they have their own followers and a lot of people think that they have benefited from the consultation and products.

       Will putting this at home bring good luck in year of Wood Horse?

So back to what I've written earlier, make your own decision and be fully responsible for it. If you know that you have made a mistake, just change and move on.

Though I respect Joey Yap, this does not mean that I will follow his stock market prediction blindly. However, it will be part of my consideration in investment.

If you wish to have Joey Yap to read your Ba Zi, then be prepared to pay RM3000 for a 30 minutes session.


  1. we're our own feng shui master too. Investment is an art. Every individual has their own points of view regarding the same company. Learn, make mistake and learn from it and move on. Investment is a long journey. I believe that.

  2. Life is a continuous learning process...

  3. So, you want to learn feng shui :D
    Rmb help me to check when I will become millionaire :)

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