Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Time Works Wonders In Investment

In Feb 2012, Yinson's share price was at RM1.30 after its rights issue were ex-ed. A little more than 2 years later, which is April 2014, its share price is RM8.90. It is a 585% gain in 2 years.

Even though it is not the best performing stock in this period of time, I think many people regret that they didn't buy Yinson at all.

For those who bought this stock, they may also regret as they might have sold it too early, or just went in late.

This morning I receive this in my house's post box.

This letter belongs to my mom, and I just got to know that she has Yinson's shares!

Actually I've seen this kind of letters or document before from other companies such as Litrak in which most I rarely heard of. All of them will go straight into the old newspapers recycle bin.

During those years, in the 1990s, my mom was quite active in the stock market. At that time, I knew nothing about it. I just heard some popular name like Renong, Emico etc.

I remember that remisiers were very popular. Everyone would make phone calls to them to buy or sell shares. They were quite highly-regarded as they also gave tips and most of the time, the tips were very "accurate".

To follow the "live" share price movement, a SONY TV with teletext feature was even bought at that time.

I also remember that during that time, almost every adult including "third aunt sixth grandmother" also joined the stocks market. Of course, almost 100% are speculators which bought or sold through tips, like gambling.

As it was a bull before the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997-98, many people gained and laughed all the way to their banks.

Unfortunately, after the bear in 1997-98, most of them, like my mom, never touched the stock market again.

My mom said that if not because of the gain from stock market, she would not be able to send my elder sister to study oversea in Canada. So I can imagine how much people can earn easy money in speculating in stock market that time.

Overall, I do not know whether it is a net gain or net loss from stock market for my mom. But since she did not touch the stock market after that, I guess the pain she suffered that time was unlikely to be only a little.

My mom still has some shares in some companies left, some are odd lots and some are not, but all not much left. She has some warrants but never exercise them.

As she doesn't keep proper record, she also doesn't know for sure what she has. She does not even know what is Yinson.

For Yinson, I check that it was listed in 1996 during the super bull run, so I think it was bought around 1996-1997.

If it is not odd-lot, it should be at least one lot (1 lot = 1000 shares at that time) of Yinson left.

How many percent gain that my mother get from investing in Yinson for 18 years? I hope she has at least 10 lots so that she can enjoy a great windfall!

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