Wednesday 1 October 2014

My Portfolio Sep14

Summary for September 2014

Sep 2014
Numbers of stocks 8
Cash/Share ratio n/a
Share Bought Huayang @ 2.32 & 2.42
Share Sold Tambun @ 2.45 & 2.60 (part)
Protasco @ 1.68 (all)

Overall 2014
Portfolio Return Sep14 4.9%
KLCI Return Sep14 -1.06%
Portfolio Return YTD14 71.2%
KLCI Return YTD14 -1.11%

Stock Portfolio @ End of Sep14

Core Portfolio
Stocks Average Latest G/L (%)

Satellite Portfolio
Stocks Average Latest G/L (%)
GTRONIC 2.43 4.68 92.6
HUAYANG 2.36 2.34 -1.1
INARI 0.73 3.23 342.5
LATITUD 2.09 3.80 81.8
MATRIX 2.09 3.25 55.5
SCIENTEX 5.47 7.44 36.0
TAMBUN 0.77 2.57 233.8
YOCB 0.69 1.02 47.8


  • Tambun is relegated to satellite portfolio, as I think core portfolio should be reserved for stock with huge potential upside. 
  • Sold all Protasco shares due to uncertainty in the company (boardroom & legal suit).
  • Chose Huayang over OSKProp, due to its track record and upcoming Puchong West development.
  • No significant change in exposure to property sector to date, after selling off Protasco and part of Tambun, and buying Huayang.

  • To collect more Huayang shares on weakness.
  • To watch plantation stocks closely.
  • To look for a new member for core portfolio.


  1. Hi BD,
    Could you provide some opinions on O&G sector counters like SKpetro, UMW n etc? It looks like a bargain now.


    1. Jason, my knowledge in O&G sector is very limited so can't really give any good opinion.

      Anyway I have written about it earlier this year & if u haven't seen this post u can search in the label (O&G) at the side bar.

      Generally I still "feel" that SKPetro is good, as well as Coastal, and may be Pantech. UMWOG seems not cheap but I don't know how its future earning will look like.

  2. Hi BD,
    Is it possible for you to provide your opinion on these 3 shares:
    AAX, IBHD and KNM? as I would like to buy 2 of these shares for long term investment, i personally feel that there is a growth prospects for these 3 companies but what makes me puzzled is IBHD....

    1. Hi Martin, I don't like KNM mainly bcoz I'm extremely doubtful of its management's credibility. Furthermore, net profit margin is super thin & can anytime swing to loss easily despite big contracts.

      Personally I think aviation industry is too risky & competitive. So I don't touch them. AAX will have growth in passengers but not necessarily net profit.

      IBHD looks ok, with high GDV launch in the pipeline. But I just think that its products will be more affected by soft property market.

      I don't study 3 of them in detail. So don't take my opinion too seriously. If I need to choose 2 of them for long term, it will not be KNM.

  3. wa Dummy bro, u sold all Tambun d ar? n causing recent share price downturn oso?
    im still holding it, what do u think bout the recent acquisition rm150mil worth of land around pearl city?

    1. Hi. I only sold a little bit of Tambun, it's still my second largest holding at the moment. Expansion of land in Pearl City is very positive, I hope that it can get some land in Penang island as well.