Sunday, 1 November 2015

My Portfolio Oct15

Summary for October 2015

Numbers of stocks 13
Cash:Share ratio 4.5%
Share Bought BJAUTO @ 1.92
Share Sold None

Overall 2015
Portfolio Return Oct15 11.0%
KLCI Return Oct15 2.76%
Portfolio Return YTD15 61.5%
KLCI Return YTD15 -5.40%

Stock Portfolio @ End of Oct15

Satellite Portfolio
Stocks Avg Sep15 Oct15 Div15 Sep15(%) Overall(%)
BJAUTO 1.92 n/a 2.10 2.25 n/a 9.4
GESHEN 0.575 0.895 1.19
33.0 107.0
GTRONIC 2.43 6.25 6.22 23.0 1.1 156.0
HEVEA 0.775 1.19 1.37 1.125 15.1 76.8
HHGROUP 0.327 0.445 0.555 0.33 24.7 69.7
HUAYANG 2.32 1.81 1.86 13.0 2.8 -19.8
INARI 0.82 3.39 3.57 6.7 5.3 335.4
INARI-WB n/a 1.35 1.61
19.3 n/a
JADI 0.056 0.055 0.070
27.3 25.0
JOHOTIN 1.54 1.55 2.19 3.5 41.3 42.2
LATITUD 2.09 6.95 6.69
-3.7 220.1
MATRIX 1.77 2.29 2.42 14.25 5.7 36.7
MATRIX-WA n/a 0.435 0.415
-4.6 n/a
SCIENTEX 5.47 7.11 7.66 22 7.7 40.0
TAMBUN 0.77 1.30 1.41 9.7 8.5 83.1


  • Added BJAuto into portfolio in Oct15, despite unfavourable forex, poor consumer sentiment & intense competition in the automobile industry. My initial plan is to hold BJAuto for real long term.
  • Total stocks reach 13, closer to maximum of 15.
  • Dividend ex-ed for BJAuto & Gtronic in Oct15.
  • Unexpected rapid rise in the share price of Geshen & Johotin, which have helped to lift overall portfolio return in Oct15.
  • Latitud continues to be the only stock to register monthly loss in Oct15, just like in Sep15.
  • Feeling more misses than hits in this month as missed out on a few stocks.
  • Geshen has become the 5th stock to exceed 100% return in the portfolio, after Tambun, Inari, Latitud & Gtronic.
  • Regret the failure to promote Geshen to core portfolio, even though there was a plan to do so when I first bought its shares.

  • May need to cut down on total stocks in the portfolio, to prevent over-diversification and get ready cash for possible year-end mega sales.
  • Try to find a good timing to top up shares of BJAuto, Hevea & Scientex. The rest are probably enough.


  1. I wanted to buy Geshen... but really no idea what'd happened to this company~~ will it be bought by others?

    1. No one really knows, it's just being bought by Mr Chan CK.

  2. Hi BD,

    When you said " you intend to hold BJAuto" for long term, what is your definition of long term in this sense ?

    Best regards

    1. I see Mazda to be at least on par with Nissan/Honda/Toyota in the future. I buy because I think it's on the rise. I'll probably sell when it can't compete with others anymore. So I don't really know how long I'll hold.

  3. Nice portfolio BD... I am holding GeShen and HHgroup too... happy investing (you see I did not mention "happy trading")... haha... cheers...

  4. Wow your Geshen is running wild. Your kungfu in discovering hidden gem is getting higher

    1. Geshen's rise is really out of my expectation. Hopefully coming Q result can justify its share price move.

  5. Hello BD,
    Some of the stocks in your portfolio have risen a lot in price lately (congratulation !), what are the target prices for your Geshen, Hevea, HH Group and Johotin ?

    You mentioned "possible year-end mega sales", do you foresee there is a possibility for another correction in Dec ? Is it due to US may hike their interest rate in this Dec ?

    1. Thanks. Many popular stocks (at least in my watch list) also rise a lot lately, I think many investors are doing as well or even better than me. My portfolio is being dragged down by those property stocks :)

      My rough TP for Geshen 1.15, HHGp 0.65, Hevea 1.50, Johotin 2.70. Of course it will change after upcoming Q results.

      Ya, there may be another correction in year end, bcos of that US rate hike again. Just guessing only. I hope no major correction :)

  6. Are all those TPs based on PE=10 ? Is the E the annualised E calculated using the latest Q's EPS ?

    According to cold eye (in his book), if E of a stock is growing --> don't sell. I wonder if our stock's price has reached TP or higher, but we somehow think it's E in next Q should be higher than previous Q, would it be wise to sell ? is always easier to buy than sell.

    Referring to your TP above, Geshen should be sold if follow TP strictly, would you do so ?

    1. Ya, PE 10x as a guide. I need to see Geshen's next Q before deciding to hold or sell. I'm not following PE strictly, if not, I would have sold Gtronic, Inari much earlier :)

  7. Looks like yr Geshen has reached 1.34 and HHgrp at 0.65 sen today. What do u think of HHgrp. Thanks to u I bought HHgrp and still hold. I missed out on Geshen. Will loom into BJ Auto. Thanks againl

    1. Hi. I can only make comment on HHGroup after the Q result. You don't need to thank me as it's your own decision to buy this stock :)