Friday, 1 January 2016

My Portfolio Dec15

Summary for December 2015

Numbers of stocks 14
Cash:Share ratio 6.5%
Share Bought Complete @ 0.78, 0.80

AWC @ 0.375
Share Sold HHGroup @ 0.644
Overall 2015
Portfolio Return Dec15 10.7%
KLCI Return Dec15 1.22%
Portfolio Return YTD15 107.3%
KLCI Return YTD15 -3.90%

Stock Portfolio @ End of Dec15

Core Portfolio

Satellite Portfolio
Stocks Avg Nov15 Dec15 Div 15 Dec15(%) Overall(%)
AWC 0.375 n/a 0.39
n/a 4.0
BJAUTO 1.92 2.19 2.14 2.25 -2.3 11.5
COMPLETE 0.79 n/a 0.805
n/a 1.9
GESHEN 0.77 1.89 2.76
46.0 258.4
GTRONIC 2.43 6.38 6.50 23.0 1.9 167.5
HEVEA 0.775 1.47 1.62 1.625 10.2 109.0
HUAYANG 2.32 1.93 1.85 13.0 -4.1 -20.2
INARI 0.82 4.22 4.58 9.5 8.5 458.5
INARI-WB n/a 2.00 2.66
33.0 n/a
JOHOTIN 1.54 2.15 2.09 3.5 -2.8 35.7
LATITUD 2.09 7.43 7.39 12.0 0.7 253.6
MATRIX 1.77 2.45 2.49 17.75 3.2 40.7
MATRIX-WA n/a 0.415 0.425
2.4 n/a
NOTION 0.40 0.39 0.42
7.7 5.0
SCIENTEX 5.47 8.27 9.75 22.0 17.9 78.2
TAMBUN 0.77 1.38 1.41 9.7 2.2 83.1

  • Dividend ex-ed for Matrix (3.5sen) & Latitude (12sen) in Dec15
  • Geshen contributed massively to overall portfolio performance in 2015
  • Achieved target of at least annual 30% return a year
  • Hevea, as expected, becomes the 7th stock in the portfolio since mid-2013 to touch >100% return, after Tambun, Inari, Gtronic, Latitude, Geshen & HHGroup.
  • It's a slight "net sell" year in 2015, which means cash obtained from selling shares exceed cash used to buy shares.
  • Sold all HHGroup's shares after quarterly result announcement.
  • Added in Complete Logistic & AWC into portfolio.
  • Total stocks in portfolio reach a new high of 14, which I think is not that "healthy".


  • Try to trim my portfolio in 2016
  • Hope can discipline myself to buy only on market weakness


  1. BD, VERY IMPRESSIVE N REMARKABLE RETURN. I need to work harder to catch up with u. Thanks for all your great articles and guidance. Wish u blessed with all the health, wealth n happiness for year of 2016. Cheers.

    1. Thanks P.S. Luck plays an important part here (Geshen). I'm sure you're doing great as well. Wish you a prosperous 2016!

  2. BD,Congratulations for 2015. Any reason why you choose ACW and Complete?


    1. Thanks. I might share more about these 2 stocks later. In general I think ACW has growth potential & Complete is undervalued.

  3. BD performance never fail to impress, good job :) ya by the way pls share more on ACW & complete thanks

    1. Thanks wachxe. You can read ACW chairman statement in its latest annual report to know more about it. Actually I decided to invest in it after reading the AR. Hopefully it's not a "cheat". More info are also being shared in i3investor.

  4. It is AWC, dun spell it wrongly, ur Eng teacher will scold u!

    1. Pls forgive me as I really can't get what the wrong word you mean :(

  5. BD, well done and congrats! Could I ask you something on AWC:
    1. AWC seems to be no brainer pick but I don't understand why the acquisation needs to be done with additional share given that they have 53millions cash... It seems to be not putting shareholders' interest as main priority.

    It sounds questionable to me. But this company has been listed for a decade++, should I say it is accountable? The cash reported is real? (my experience in KLSE is very limited, after seeing XinQuan, me abit think too much sometimes)

    The company seems to be able to generate net cash(though it is not consistent), why no dividend was given over the last 2 or 3 years?

    Lastly, thanks for all the sharing, they are really great!

    1. Hi hissyu2. I think that if AWC has good prospect, the vendor who sold its business to AWC might want to own shares in AWC to participate in its growth, rather than just getting one-time fixed profit. So it might be the vendor's request for the deal to be paid partially with AWC shares.

      It's a mystery to investors why AWC does not pay regular dividends despite strong cash position. The management might be stingy, or plan for further acquisition. Anyway, it did pay dividends yearly from 2010 to 2013.

    2. Thanks for sharing your view, BD :)

  6. Hi BD, I just started to follow your articles about investing and I really appreciate with your kindness in sharing the info. Not sure whether I am posting in the rightful area however I hope that you can share with us again how you evaluate a listed company performance before you determine that it is undervalued? What are the criteria / KPI in meeting this requirement? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Ong, first of all, I have to say that I'm not a value investor. I'm still learning and my investment strategy change with time. The following link/post best describe my current investment style.

  7. Hi BD, thank you for sharing :)

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