Monday, 25 July 2016

Stocks in Watch List

I have stayed out of the stock market temporarily since February this year after Chinese New Year. However, it doesn't mean that I am totally out of it.

It's true that I didn't read a lot of market news. I seldom check the price and news of companies in my watch list, and didn't watch the stock market live in action.

I do check the price and announcement of the stocks in my portfolio but not on daily basis. I still summarize my portfolio performance every month, even though I wrote and published them late. I seldom log into my blog as well as I have limited time to write.

Five months have passed now and year-to-date my portfolio is at negative 13%. So I have a mountain to climb if I were to achieve a 30% annual return for 2016. Is it possible?

I think I should be grateful if my portfolio can end this year in positive territory.

Recently I just checked the share price movement of all the stocks in my watch list & alert list. Some stocks really surprise me.

A few stocks have gone up recently and some stocks have dropped to my previous targeted entry level. Should I consider to buy now?

Even though I am not close to the stock market in this period of time, I still know that Airasia and Airasia X which are not in my watch list, have generated substantial interest among investors and as a result, their share prices have already doubled this year.

For the first half of this year, I only bought 2 stocks which are KESM and TekSeng. There are few other stocks that I seriously consider to buy early this year, they are SAM, PRLEXUS, TGUAN & SUPERLON.

Of course I did not buy them until now, as I hope to limit export-orientated stocks in my portfolio. Besides Prolexus, all the other 3 have gained significantly especially TGuan, which has left me punching my own chest.

Construction sector seems to rock at the moment, with impressive share price performance in KERJAYA (Fututech), GADANG, GKENT & MITRA. However, MUDAJYA, JAKS & PTARAS seem to lag behind.

May be I should have bought Gadang when I wrote about it in September last year. It was like a no-brainer bet at RM1.18 then, but I missed it... and missed a chance for a 100% gain in less than a year.

On the other hand, plantation and property sectors, as widely expected, are as cold as ice this year.

Besides those construction companies mentioned earlier, I still have 3 others property-related stocks in my watch list, they are MKH, PARAMON & WEIDA. MKH's share price seems to do well but not the other two.

SIGN, whose performance should be closely linked to property sector, seems to recover a bit from slump in share price in early 2016.

For plantation, I have MKH, CBIP, BUMITAMA & FIRST RES. First Resources has its share price fallen quite a lot but I'm still hesitating whether I should start to accumulate it.

I only follow three O&G related stocks which are COASTAL, FAVCO & PANTECH, even though all of them are not genuine O&G stocks. Their share prices do not perform well in the first half of 2016 as crude oil price still stays relatively low below USD50.

The stock that surprise me a lot is YOCB in which its share price suddenly soars 50% in the last 2 months from 90sen to RM1.35. I have sold all its shares in Dec 2014 at 98sen but now market decides to give it higher PE ratio.

Another stock that makes me wonder is ULICORP, I don't quite understand why its share price can keep on climbing. I still have not study this stock in detail even though it's always in my watch list.

I placed OCK in my watch list because of its venture into Myanmar. Its share price has moved up since Mac16.

On tech related stocks, UNISEM, MMSV & PENTA have made significant gain recently. One of my customer who works in Penta told me some time in Q4 last year that they received lots of orders and have to work extra hard. I guess its subsequent quarterly result should be good.

I always hope to have a healthcare-related stocks in my portfolio. Both ADVENTA & YSPSAH's share price have retreated from their height and could it be a buying opportunity?

Other export-orientated stocks that do not perform quite well up to this time include CHINWEL, HOMERIZ, KAREX, LCTH, LUXCHEM, MAGNI & WELLCAL.

MIKROMB's share price also dropped a bit. This stock is quite "steady" and will be promoted to main board sooner or later.

As I have one logistic stock in my portfolio, I also watch CENTURY & TASCO more closely. All 3 stocks are trading sideways at the moment and don't seem to benefit a lot from low oil price.

For consumer stocks, share prices of PADINI, SCGM & WANGZNG have made a move upwards, while TEOSENG & YEELEE still remain almost the same compared to March this year.

Those are the stocks in my watch list which has not been updated for almost half a year. I'm sure that some of them are already "outdated" and there are many new potential stocks emerging now.

Year-to-date, I get the feeling that Malaysia's stock market does not perform too well. However, investors can still make money anytime in a stock market, as long as they can pick the correct stock at the right time.

Not only at the right time, but also at the right price too.


  1. Hi BD, glad to see you back to your blog. 1H'16 was not a good half, I am optimistic that 2H'16 will be a better half. So you are back at the right time, it's time to make some profit in stock market :)

    1. Hi bro. Hope for a good second half in 2016 :)

  2. welcom back BD and thx fr yr sharing

  3. Hi, Bursa..

    Thank you for writing back again. May i ask you a question about Thong Guan.

    ............ especially TGuan, which has left me punching my own chest.

    What make you miss out thong guan?

    Thank you and blessings,

    1. Hi Esther, about Thong Guan, check this link then you'll know,, mainly because of future earning dilution..

  4. Hi BD,

    Do you attend company AGM?

    1. Hi Khoo, so far I haven't attend any company AGM.

    2. Why? AGM is just a waste of time?

    3. No. If got chance I would love to attend.

  5. Hi, Bursa,
    Complet logistic seem not moving, any comment on this company?

    1. Hi. I think it's still worth waiting, but have to see upcoming financial results.

  6. Hi BD,
    Thanks for your sharing. MKH looked good from its past result but not sure about its future prospect. Have you analyzed it and what do you think?

    1. I haven't follow it for some time. Previously I think it can earn more in the near future from prime trees in oil palm plantation and record high unbilled sales in property.