Friday, 29 December 2017

My Portfolio Nov17

Summary for November 2017

Numbers of stocks 12
Share Sold Jaks @1.47, 1.42 (all)
Share Bought Prolexus @1.15

Overall 2017
Portfolio Return Nov17 -0.45%
KLCI Return Nov17 -1.72%
Portfolio Return YTD17 43.26%
KLCI Return YTD17 4.64%

Stock Portfolio @ End of Nov17

Stocks Avg Oct17 Nov17 Div 17 Nov17% Overall%
BJAUTO 1.92 2.04 2.05 5.9 0.5 6.8
COMPLETE 0.765 0.73 0.73
0.0 -4.6
HEVEA 0.775 1.67 1.28 7.70 -23.3 65.2
INARI 0.33 2.81 3.24 9.6 15.3 881.8
KESM 4.42 16.92 19.48 3.0 15.1 340.7
LATITUD 2.09 4.64 4.22
-9.1 101.9
LEONFB 0.505 0.830 0.810 1.5 -2.4 60.4
MATRIX 1.42 2.25 2.20 13.75 -2.2 54.9
MATRIX-WA n/a 0.360 0.335
-6.9 n/a
NOTION 0.40 0.715 0.495 3.25 -30.8 23.8
PRLEXUS 1.15 n/a 1.010
n/a -12.2
SCIENTEX 2.735 8.90 8.60 6.0 -3.4 214.4

In November, I sold all shares of JAKS for just ~20% gain, and added Prolexus to my portfolio. This seems like a bad decision as JAKS's share price has gone up and Prolexus share price has dropped heavily.

I disposed JAKS because I feel that its risk is too much for me to swallow now. Those who watch JAKS closely might know what I mean.

As for Prolexus, I have been watching this stock for around 2 years and have been patient enough not to buy it at higher price. At RM1.15, I thought it's a good time to buy into its double expansion plans.

Anyway, its share price started to drop sharply just a few days after I bought it, because of the deferment of its Vietnam expansion project.

Should I buy more at such "low" price around 90sen? This level seems attractive but may be I should be more careful as the main reason I bought Prolexus has gone. Even though the fabric mill is expected to start operation next year, its excitement is not so much for me compared to capacity expansion.

Besides, the change in capacity expansion plan might indicate softer demand in near term, and the start-up cost and depreciation of its fabric mill might eat into its profit initially.

Nevertheless, PE wise Prolexus is still rather cheap for me. Hopefully World Cup year in 2018 will increase demand for its products.

In this month, Notion and Hevea fell 30% & 23% respectively. Hevea suffered because of huge drop in its profit. My overall portfolio is supported by KESM and INARI which continue to rise thanks to current semiconductor theme.


  1. Hi, bursa brother.

    how are you? may i know your latest share holding?

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