Sunday, 12 January 2020

Casual Way of Blogging

For me, having a blog is good to record my investment journey, but to maintain it is not that easy. I see that there are quite a lot of blogs which I used to visit have become inactive now, though some might have changed platform to FB or others.

Looking back at my blog content since 2011, I can see how my investment style and mentality changed. To tell the truth, I feel embarrassed by some of the articles I wrote.

From now onward, I don't think I have the time and energy to write like before. Previously I used to do thorough research on a company and write it down in this blog.

Of course I still need to do some studies before I commit to invest in any stocks, but probably not as "detailed" as before. At least this is my current situation after being out of stock market for some time.

Last time when I planned to write about a company in a more comprehensive way, I need to spend many hours searching, reading and taking down notes. Then to arrange and transfer all of the notes into this blog, it probably takes 2-3 times more the time required to do research.

Thus, writing an article is rather time consuming. I can use this time to study more companies actually.

To keep on publishing posts in this blog, I probably will write in a more casual way. Readers should not expect it to be the same as previous years.

Hopefully, I can continue to do monthly review on my portfolio performance like I used to do, as this will make me more disciplined.

Lastly, please bear with me that I'm not going to answer all questions directed to me in this blog.


  1. Welcome back... I am vivid reader of yours and been checking on yr updates regularly past few years and it's great!! Good luck 2020

  2. Thanks! Good luck to you too :)