Thursday, 6 February 2020

My Portfolio Jan20

Summary for January 2020

Numbers of stocks 15
Share Sold Stock X (part)
Share Bought None

Overall 2020
Portfolio Return Jan20 7.59%
KLCI Return Jan20 -3.63%
Portfolio Return YTD20 7.59%
KLCI Return YTD20 -3.63%

Stock Portfolio @ End of Jan20

Stocks Avg Dec19 Jan20 Div20 Jan20% Overall%
Stock X

24.2 14.6
BJAUTO 1.92 2.10 1.85 2.75 -11.9 -3.6
DAYA 0.035 0.005 0.005
0.0 -85.7
DKSH 2.500 2.620 2.550
-2.7 2.0
FRONTKN 0.980 2.290 2.340
2.2 138.8
HIBISCUS 1.050 0.940 0.850
-9.6 -19.0
INARI 0.22 1.70 1.76
-3.5 700.0
KRONO 0.76 0.75 0.785
4.7 3.3
LATITUD 2.09 2.83 2.80
-1.1 34.0
LEONFB 0.505 0.420 0.430
2.4 -14.8
MATRIX 1.42 1.91 1.91
0.0 34.5
NOTION 0.40 0.960 1.210
26.0 202.5
PPHB 0.57 1.080 1.070
-0.9 87.7
PRLEXUS 1.15 0.820 0.715
-12.8 -37.8
SCIENTEX 2.735 9.45 9.05
-4.2 230.9

Most of the stocks started year 2020 positively, only to succumb to major melt down in the last 2 trading days of Jan20 due to the Wuhan novel Coronavirus outbreak. 

My portfolio still able to achieve a positive return of 7.6% in the first month of 2020, thanks to Stock X & Notion.

Overall, 8 out of 15 stocks in the portfolio dropped in Jan20, especially BAuto, Hibiscus & Prolexus. I do not hold a lot of BAuto shares but the other two have significantly affected my portfolio return.

Those who bought Daya at 0.5sen should be "safe" because there is no more room for the share price to fall, haha.

Stock X has lifted my portfolio in Jan20. I decided to reduce Stock X shares as I feel that relatively, I have too many of them and it's quite risky. So I locked in some profit when the opportunity came.

I'm currently writing about this Stock X and hopefully I can publish it within this month.

As of today, most of the stocks in Bursa have recovered from the sell down in end of Jan20, at least temporarily.

However, the nCoV is still here with more human-to-human transmission reported in countries other than China. 

Anyway, the sell down driven by fear represents a great opportunity for investors to grab quality stocks at discount, isn't it?


  1. May I know how to calculate portfolio return for Jan 2020? What number to use for denominator?

    1. Hi JY, I'm still using the "approximation method" in calculation, as explained in You're the same JY as commented in year 2014?

  2. Hi. Yes still the same guy who has been following your blog. Anyway I am just curious. Half of the stocks in your portfolio dropped, only 1 or 2 stocks with moderate gain yet you can still record 7.59% gain in January. You must have very high weightage on the 2 winning stocks?

    1. Yes, you're right, my stock X's value made up ~25% of my total portfolio value. But as mentioned in the post, now I've reduced it to less than 15%, as it went up quite a lot in Jan. That's the main reason I still manage to register positive return in Jan :)