Saturday, 6 June 2020

My Portfolio May20

Summary for May 2020

Numbers of stocks 13
Share Sold Notion @ 0.81 (part)
Share Bought Kpower @ 2.03

SCIB @ 2.06
Overall 2020
Portfolio Return May20 4.59%
KLCI Return May20 4.65%
Portfolio Return YTD20 -3.23%
KLCI Return YTD20 -7.27%

Portfolio @ End of May 2020

Stocks Avg Apr20 May20 Div20 May20% Overall%
BAUTO 1.92 1.36 1.25 4.2 -8.1 -34.9
DAYA 0.035 0.005 0.005
0.0 -85.7
DKSH 2.50 2.35 2.83
20.4 13.2
GESHEN 0.43 0.38 0.44
17.3 2.3
HIBISCUS 1.05 0.49 0.56
14.3 -46.7

KRONO 0.76 0.59 0.52
-11.9 -31.6
LEONFB 0.505 0.320 0.315
-1.6 -37.6
MATRIX 1.42 1.68 1.70 6.0 1.2 19.7
NOTION 0.27 0.73 0.78
6.8 188.9
PRLEXUS 1.15 0.51 0.65
27.5 -43.5
SCIB 2.06

SCIENTEX 2.735 8.30 8.28
-0.2 202.7

I have no glove stocks or other "explosive" stocks in my portfolio. There is zero excitement within my boring portfolio. Year-to-date the return is still in negative territory. 

If I did not sell all Adventa shares earlier this year, my overall portfolio will surely gain more than 100% by now, as Adventa was my largest holding by value in my entire stock market investing journey.

That was history. Though it was certainly a missed opportunity, I couldn't regret my sell decision. I bought Adventa not because of its gloves or medical supplies business, and I never thought that Covid-19 can quadruple its profit just like its share price.

I'm looking for stocks that can post better financial results in Q3 & Q4 of calendar year 2020, as we know that Q1 & Q2 will not be good for most companies. 

Even though there are a few fundamentally sound stocks, I'm not sure whether this economy downturn has affected its fundamental. Perhaps I'm over cautious.

Gloves and some medical related stocks have skyrocketed to PE close to 100. Although gloves companies are the ones that will 100% report growth in profit throughout 2020, I feel too risky to join the euphoria at this high level.

Most good tech stocks have recovered quickly and even broke new high. Once I felt lucky that I sold all Frontken shares in Feb20 at RM2.35 before it fell to RM1.00 in Mac20. Now Frontken has breached RM3 mark a few days ago.

There are many tech stocks with PE of 30 and above now. It is also hard for me to buy especially knowing that their Q2 result will not be that good, and not knowing whether their orders have been negatively affected. 

Nevertheless, for long term, they are still good. It's just that they are not cheap to me. I missed the opportunity to grab them cheap in March...

The stocks that I do consider to buy are O&G counters, gloomy stocks such as GENM & Airasia. Those companies are suffering the most recently, but will certainly recover.

Airasia is expected to post a poor FY20Q1, terrible Q2 and bad Q3. Low crude oil price might cause hedging loss in short term as well. Travel habit might not be the same for the next 1-2 years. That's why I still hesitate to buy its shares. 

However, I might be wrong as any good news on flight resumption and global travel ease will push up its share price until a situation where bad result is not a problem anymore.

I added 2 construction stocks in my portfolio in May20, this is kind of weird because personally I don't like construction stocks. I bought them simply because I think these 2 are almost certain to post better & better results for many quarters to come.

No one can buy and service cars during MCO, it's not a secret that FY20Q4 of BAuto (Feb-Apr20) will be terrible. However, everything should be back to normal soon. So I still hold.

No one can buy a house and the progress billing will stop during MCO, Matrix will also suffer in its FY20Q4 (Jan-Mac20) & FY21Q1 (Apr-Jun20). After that, sales might pick up. I am still holding.

I think Hibiscus is one of the best O&G company in Malaysia, that's why I chose it last year and planned to keep for longer term. Even at crude oil price of USD30, it can still make a profit.

DKSH should be steady. A lot of things we eat and use everyday might be related to it. I see it like Nestle or Dutch Lady though their business models are different. It pays good dividend but it does not pay it for FY2019 due to current uncertainty. 

Another company that temporarily scrap its dividend pay is Leon Fuat.

About other stocks, I am more worried about Geshen, which I added in Feb20 just before the stock market started to turn sour. Its business is more likely to be negatively affected by Covid-19 and a turnaround might not be so soon. 

Again, the total number of stocks in my portfolio swell again. Which one should I sell?


  1. Hi, can share how you filter list of companies to study and purchase? There are few hundreds to thousand companies outside....

    1. It's not that straightforward... I'll write a post to talk about this topic

  2. Hi BD,

    u have quite a number of stocks in your portfolio. how you allocate your fund into each stock, equally ? do u set a max fund limit to invest in one stock, like not to invest more than 50k in one stock.

    1. Hi tan, when buying a stock I have a minimum amount but no maximum limit. Most of the time my first buy will be almost the same amount, then if the stocks are good then I'll add more when the time is right. If I'm very bullish on a new stock, my first buy will be more than usual.