Monday, 5 October 2020

My Portfolio Sep20

Summary for September 2020

Portfolio @ End of Sep20



Finally I sold all my BAuto shares. This is another one which saw a 50% paper gain turning into 27% paper loss, almost the same fate as Hevea.

However, I still manage to register overall gain from these 2 investments, thanks to their high dividends.

When I bought BAuto in Oct15, it was for its growth potential, not its dividends. I predicted that Mazda could overtake Nissan as the third largest foreign passenger car brand in Malaysia.

Up to today, Mazda is still behind Nissan, although the gap has narrowed. Mazda's strategy to build a more premium brand image and keep a higher profit margin has hindered its progress to overtake Nissan.

Slowly BAuto has turned from a growth stock to a dividend stock. As I only want growth at this stage of my investment journey, I decided to sell since last year but only manage to sell now after its share price has dropped so much.

This month only Scientex & Prolexus released their quarterly financial results. Both are surprisingly good especially Prolexus.

So there is no surprise that their share price gain the most in my portfolio this month.

Supermax continues to fluctuate wildly in the month of September. I sold a big portion of it in early September before bonus issue because at that time, I decided to reduce my exposure to gloves.

The drastic drop in its share price after bonus issue prompted me to take the opportunity to average down my average price 3 times to current RM8.15. After that I quickly sold half of the shares at a small profit to build back my cash reserve.

I do not add any new stock this month but increase my shares in SCIB and Hibiscus.

SCIB has been my largest holding but I still feel that I don't have enough. So I just took the opportunity to add more when its share price dropped.

I always wish to average down on Hibiscus & Leon Fuat, only waiting for a suitable time which I guess is probably next year.

However, after Hibiscus share price was sold down following its CRPS plan, I thought it was a good time to collect. Now it seems like I should be more patient.

Overall my portfolio gains 3.64% in September, bringing the YTD gain to 33%.

Personally I'm very satisfied with this gain but remain "cautiously optimistic" about the final quarter of this year.

Why cautious? It's because today, Malaysia's new daily Covid-19 cases break new high again at 432 cases. This figure doubles previous high during MCO in March.

Will we see another complete nationwide lockdown in which almost all factories & businesses need to be shut? At the moment I think it's unlikely as more than half of those cases are not community case.

However, if nothing is done to check the increase in community transmission, our Covid-19 cases might increase exponentially from here.

So, targeted MCO like certain areas in Sabah might be needed in red zones.

Besides, no one knows how the US presidential election on the 3rd of November will affect the stock market.

Why optimistic? It's because majority of listed companies in Malaysia will announce better quarterly results in the next 3 months. Budget 2021 might give market a boost as well.

Lastly, the world is edging closer to an effective Covid-19 vaccine. We will certainly read more and more news on vaccines development, hopefully they are positive news. 


  1. BD, u have done well !
    The Sept was generally a poor month for stocks but u managed to show positive gain. Your YTD gain also impressive.
    Since many years ago, I have always think that u are talented in stock picking which requires science and art elements. So, no matter what other business u ventured out, i really want to suggest u do not ignore or put aside your stock investment efforts because it would be a waste.
    We as a human being cannot be good in everything. If we can find a few things that we are gifted, we should persist and focus on those things especially those can make you richer:)

  2. Thanks for the good & encouraging words. This year onwards I'll concentrate much more in the stock market. This can be seen from my total transaction this year which is much more than previous years. Anyway, I re-entered the stock market quite late after the market crash this year, I'm not sure a 30% YTD gain is really good or not. According to KYY, if someone hasn't make few hundreds percent this year, then he/she must change his/her stock selection method, haha.

  3. U and I know what kind of person the Kxx is. When listening to him, its like listening to Najxx or Donald Trxxx, full of lies and nonsenses. So, we can ignore his opinion.

    I would think if an investor was holding a lot of stocks in his portfolio in the beginning of 2020 but did not own any glove/medical stocks, he must have suffered great loss by mid Mar'20. I suffered about 40% to 50% paper loss as at 19th Mar'20. My portfolio has been recovering since end Mar'20. Thus, if i able to breakeven in 2020, that would be okay for me. If i can have some gain by end of this year, that would be a bonus.
    It is true that there are quite many people who make >100% gain YTD. Those people are either didn't hold stocks before mid Mar'20 and only started to buy in since Apr'20 (eg. new investors) or managed to buy some glove/medical stocks at early stage.
    Do not forget there is a 3rd group of people whom i know. They panic in Mar'20 when market crashed and sold all their stocks and stayed sideline. Those people continued to see losses in their stock investment this year.

    I believe the above can draw a more complete picture for stock investor/speculator groups for year 2020.