Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Masterskill: Buy?

One of the stock I hold is Masterskill. Its share price already down almost 10% in one week, probably due to its Q1 result which is 15% lower QoQ. At this moment the price is still diving, at the moment RM2.02. Sweating....

Should I just hold or accumulate at low? Today CIMB still give a buy call with target price at RM4.48! MEGB start to operate new campus recently in Kuching & JB, which will increase its student count. It will soon start its new course - MBBS in which there will be no more new competitor for this course for years to come, and it just ventures into Indonesia as well. I think the future is still promising for MEGB and expects better earning from subsequent quarters. It gives me a feeling that it's business is expanding: new campus, new courses, new partners.

With the "recession proof" feature of health industry, relatively low PE, good dividend yield and its earning potential, if i have more bullets, I'll consider to accumulate at its support level of RM2 or when there's sign or reversal.


  1. market sentiment not good now, a lot of good stock oso not doin well...

    looking at the fundamental, shouldn't be a problem, jus need the holding power and mental strength to bear the short term pain

    good stock with strong fundamental will fly once market is bac, laughing all the way to bank is just a method of time

  2. One of the reason that hold me back from accumulating more on this stock is because my broker public bk doesn't allow retail investor to buy this share online. I need to phone call them to place order. Their reason is: they think this is a risky share!

    What? Risky? In a company that makes money? Why PB allow to buy PN17 online? Why can buy goreng share online? They are not risky?

    Anyway, may be they know something that I don't know..

  3. have to c their public mutual porfolio then only know whether it is a risky stock...