Thursday, 26 May 2011


I can't believe it, I thought only company that make money can be listed, but apparently I'm wrong.

Look at the next IPO: XOX. IPO at 80c per share. It made loss of 13mil in 2009 and the loss widen to 16mil in 2010. So the company desperately need your money to help them. Would you join in their business?

Well, unless they present an extraordinary business plan, I think most fundamentalist will surely avoid it. I'm lazy to look for their plan. What I assume is that in this highly competitive telecommunication business, small company is hard to survive.

Like most recent IPOs, I think the share price will be up above 80c in the first few days with super high volume, then falling slowly below IPO price. Now I'm very keen to know how much "over subscribed" XOX can achieve!


  1. instead of putting money into a losing company, y not jus invest into others who r making money and have good, proven track record...they r many good companies out there with attractive valuation....dun think will buy this kind of stock, otherwise cannot sleep at night, unless got insider tips....

    market sentiment not good now, buy n hold is the bset strategy

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  3. u notice BJCORP???Glodman Sach and VT have been buying aggressively for the past 1 year+...any comment???

  4. I didn't aware they are accumulating the shares! If they do, then it's good sign right? BJCORP has been in my radar for past few months when the price is consolidating just above RM1. Missed the chance to buy below RM1 - indecision cost me! Still regreting...

    I wonder why such big company's share only at RM1+. I just surf Berjaya website. Wow! They have updated and refreshed the site!

    My impression of BJCORP is that their profit is like yoyo, don't know why. The EPS, DY, ROE are low and PE high. Their cash flow is tight also, with cash and short term debt almost equal. There seems to be lots of corporate exercise recently, I think should be good to its share holders?? I can see there're more cosway & 7 eleven outlets. And Mazda - my favourite :) is doing well!

    Just my 2 cents. Pls correct me if i'm wrong. Next time u can post it as a new topic (this is not my personal blog). What is VT anyway?

  5. What are the companies with good valuation? Pls share share :)

  6. I know who is VT already, it's the ultimate crony who can choose a high court judge!