Tuesday 8 November 2011

New RPGT 2012

Latest Real property Gain Tax 2012.

If someone flip a new development project within one year, he still can gain 90% from the net profit, not bad really. Personally I think this is not going to stop property speculators from "frying" up the property price. Perhaps it should be 1st year tax 80%, 2nd year 60%, 3rd year 40%, 4th year 20% & 5th year 10%.

As for the 70% loan margin for the third residential property and onwards, IMO it does cool down the market a little bit. This measure will hinder the average-income or new property investor from being successful. However, for those big players, this should be a good news for them as less competition in buying properties. What they have are lots of money.

The rich will become richer.... the poor is hard to get a breakthrough. This is life.

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