Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Gtronic: Weak Push Towards RM3

After hovering in the region of RM2.90 for 2 weeks, Gtronic finally reaches RM3 on 8th Oct 2013, but not in a convincing fashion. The volume is relatively low at 625,800.

       Gtronic @ 8/10/13

Gtronic at RM3 seems to be overvalued to many investors, as PE is breaching 20x for FY2012 earning. Why is Gtronic at RM3 then?

Is it because of the 9sen dividend which is going to ex soon?
Is it because major shareholders are buying the shares everyday?
Is it because HwangDBS gives a target price of RM3.50?
Is it because next quarter's result will be even better?
Is it because it is going to acquire some business soon?

After achieving new high, will Gtronic continue to fly higher or make a U-turn? Only time will tell.

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