Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hundred Shots Fired, Hundred Hit Targets

I just came to know a local investment blog not too long ago. Apparently many people have already followed it much earlier.

A very special phenomenon is, every time this blog publishes an analysis regarding a stock, on the same day itself the share price of that particular stock will jump.

It's really a gap-up JUMP, and the "success rate" is almost 100% recently. Don't play play.

Investors & speculators especially, might wish to have a look at this blog Bonescythe Stock Watch.

I think Bonescythe is a very experienced & dedicated stock market investor, who shares his analysis of stocks free of charge just like we have 十面埋伏 for Chinese version.

If he let other people subscribe & pay for his "stock analysis & tips service", I'm sure that there will be a lot of subscribers. May be I'll be one of them.

Bonescythe usually publishes his articles after midnight. Even if you are the number 1 person to read his new article, you might not get a clear advantage as when the market opens few hours later, it will open at a gap-up price.

If you enter at this time, you can either gain or lose in short term.

If the stock is extremely undervalued or if you plan to stay for long term, then you might have a better chance to gain from it.

       LIONFIB: Jump and Up further

       PPHB: Jump & Fly higher

       EURO: Jump & Hanging On

       Even the "notorious" LONBISC responded

       DOLMITE: Jump but straight down

Besides Bonescythe, there are still other famous investment blogs which have the "power" to push the stock price up & down, but none is as prominent as Bonescythe so far.

When will Bonescythe write about the stocks that I have?


  1. Dear BursaD, do u mind to share me the "other famous investment blogs" as u mentioned? As i would love to learn fundamental analysis from all senior investors. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Kin Khuen, you can refer to the blogs I share at the side of this blog.

  2. I think you will love him to write about Scientex :)

    1. haha, you're right, this stock really need a push!

  3. The latest recommendation by the blogger, KPSCB. He emphasize most on the NTA, and comparison the peer's NTA. But the whole essay does not mention about the growth/earning ability of this counter, which is the most important part of why a share should be recommended. a share without good dividend, and with flat growing, able to price spark in the other day. i would say this is a symptom of the end of the bull.

    1. Hi Giround, I also share your view. Bonescythe concentrates a lot on positive side of a stock. Anyway, I think he still has good reasons to share his pick, at least for us to study in more detail.