Friday 15 August 2014

Semiconductors Rally

At the afternoon break of today, share prices of Gtronic & Unisem broke out from its resistance while MPI is also aiming to do so by testing it.

All these 3 companies are semiconductors companies which are picked to excel from overall semiconductors market recovery in the US & Europe.

Both Unisem & MPI are big players who took a massive blow from recent economy slowdown in the western countries, in which their earnings plunged substantially into loss for the past 1-2 years.

Currently they are making a comeback by posting a series of encouraging quarterly results so far. I believe that their results will improve further but the exact figures are hard to predict.

Here is a brief comparison among these 3 companies.

Market Cap (RM mil) 1,349 1,260 1,458
Total shares (mil) 210 674 281
Est FY14 PATAMI (mil) 50 50 70
Est FY14 EPS (sen) 23.8 7.4 24.9

Latest Share Price (RM) 6.43 1.87 5.19
YTD Rise (%) 102 87 64
PE Ratio FY14 27.0 25.3 20.8
NTA (RM) 3.95 1.40 1.04

Last FY Dividend (sen) 15 2 18
DY (%) 2.3 1.1 3.5

Est = Estimated

The estimated figures for FY14 PATAMI is done by myself, which may not be accurate. Perhaps MPI & Unisem can do better than this as their historical earning level are much higher at more than RM100mil a year.

All three has almost similar market cap and exciting future ahead. Projected PE ratio are all above 20 times.

Year-To-Date, MPI's share price has gone up the most at 102%, followed by Unisem (87%) and Gtronic (64%). 

All of them have decent cash flow and balance sheet too, though I think Gtronic is far better than the other two.

Anyway, no one knows whether the share price will head north, south or east after today. There might be lots of traders involved.

Since my shareholding of Gtronic is small, I'd rather hold and hope for exciting news ahead.


  1. Hi bursa dummy sir . I am James nice to know u from this blogger :) I looking for technology share below Rm3 . I study all my experience think unisem 5005 this stock not bad . Can dummy sit give me some suggest at this stock ? Thanks you million time :)

  2. Hi dummy sir sorry for my poor English :( I already bought unisem to be my stock 90% . I keep study this stock this year have a good revenue and profit then last year . But I don't know how to read company is net cash or liabilities. Can dummy sir write more detail on this company ? Thanks you very much :)

    1. Hi James,

      Unisem is a great company. I think its share price can possibly reach RM3. I might want to grab its shares too if there is any significant correction in its share price, just to be "safer". The only concern for me is how long the demand for its products & service can grow or sustain, as semiconductor sector is said to be cyclical. I also need time to understand its business more.

      For net cash calculation, I just use: cash & equivalents - short term borrowing - long term borrowing. Though it is still not in net cash now, it will reach there next quarter, and more dividend is on the way i guess.

    2. Thanks you very dummy sir reply my message :) I very happy :) i buy in UniseM on averaged price in 1.902 . Just need you suggest and info to let me hold long term on this share :) what ever thanks dummy sir teach me how to see new cash and suggest. Thanks you million time :)