Saturday, 1 November 2014

My Portfolio Oct14

Summary for October 2014

Numbers of stocks 9
Cash/Share ratio 0
Share Bought Huayang @ 2.26 (add)

HHGroup @ 0.47, 0.475
Share Sold None

Overall 2014
Portfolio Return Oct14 -4.4%
KLCI Return Oct14 0.48%
Portfolio Return YTD14 60.6%
KLCI Return YTD14 -0.63%

Stock Portfolio @ End of Oct14

Core Portfolio
Stocks Average Latest G/L (%)

Satellite Portfolio
Stocks Average Latest G/L (%)
GTRONIC 2.43 4.57 88.1
HHGROUP 0.475 0.48 1.1
HUAYANG 2.32 2.32 0.0
INARI 0.73 3.00 311.0
LATITUD 2.09 3.69 76.6
MATRIX 2.09 3.00 43.5
SCIENTEX 5.47 7.15 30.7
TAMBUN 0.77 2.46 219.5
YOCB 0.69 1.01 46.4

  • It is a surprise that KLCI index ends Oct14 in positive territory (+0.48%).
  • It's also quite surprising that my portfolio declines only 4.4% in Oct14, thanks to V shape recovery in most stocks.
  • However, overall 2014 year-to-date return drops 10.6% in Oct14.
  • Did not sell any shares in Oct14.
  • Added more Huayang and bought Heng Huat.
  • Chose Heng Huat over Bumitama, a bit regret now...
  • Excluding the new fund injected into buying shares in Oct14, monthly loss will be higher at -4.6%.
  • Where does my money to buy shares come from? It's from selling unit trust - again!

  • May top up Heng Huat after reviewing next quarter's result.
  • May consider Bumitama if it drops to below SGD1.00 again.


  1. Can u share more on henghuat? Thanks

    1. Hi wachxe, I will write more about my view on HHGroup, though I have written briefly about it before. More detailed info can get at 十面埋伏

  2. Congraz, i think my portfolio need time to recover.

    1. Thanks, but actually my portfolio year-to-date value still drops 10.6% in 1 month, which is also quite hurt... but I believe it drops 40% at one stage though I didn't calculate it.

      Your return are temporarily dragged down by 3 Ong LH's counters, but they are very undervalued, just need time.

  3. Hi BD, wat do u think about the cycle of plantation currently, supply n demand how, izzit now in valley (跌落谷底) ?

    1. I don't actually read a lot of business news, but I think CPO price will somehow show the supply/demand status. For me, I think palm oil will always have good demand. CPO production is increasing but world population is also increasing. Perhaps we should buy when everyone is not willing to buy.