Sunday, 2 August 2015

My Portfolio Jul15

Summary For July 2015

Numbers of stocks 11
Cash:Share ratio 1:26
Share Bought None
Share Sold None

Overall 2015
Portfolio Return Jul15 10.9%
KLCI Return Jul15 0.97%
Portfolio Return YTD15 52.3%
KLCI Return YTD15 -2.20%

Stock Portfolio @ End of Jul15

Satellite Portfolio
Stocks Avg Jun15 Jul15 Div 15 Ju115(%) Overall(%)
GESHEN 0.575 0.73 1.01
38.4 75.7
GTRONIC 2.43 5.95 6.13 0.13 3.0 152.3
HEVEA *0.775 *0.87 1.08 0.00625 24.9 39.4
HHGROUP *0.327 *0.447 0.490 0.005 9.6 49.8
HUAYANG 2.32 1.92 1.90 0.05 -1.0 -18.1
INARI 0.82 3.25 3.44 0.044 5.8 319.5
INARI-WB n/a 1.37 1.44
5.1 n/a
JOHOTIN 1.54 1.51 1.51 0.035 2.3 -1.9
LATITUD 2.09 5.85 7.17
22.6 243.1
MATRIX *1.77 *2.62 2.54 0.1075 -1.4 43.5
MATRIX-WA n/a n/a 0.585
n/a n/a
SCIENTEX 5.47 6.89 7.10 0.22 4.4 29.8
TAMBUN 0.77 1.66 1.65 0.03 -0.6 114.3
* Adjusted price


  • No transaction in July 15.
  • Dividend ex-ed for Hevea, Johotin & Scientex in July 15.
  • 1 to 4 share split for Hevea
  • 1:2 bonus issue for HHGroup
  • 1:6 bonus issue with 1 free warrant for Matrix
  • Overall portfolio performance mainly lifted by Latitude Tree.
  • Still poor cash reserve, really need to sell shares to accumulate more cash (how many times have I said this??)

  • Same like last month, to trade (mainly buy) more cautiously
  • May sell some shares after August financial results announcement


  1. Good, doing well in this falling market :)

    1. Thanks. Even though it's a falling market, lots of popular stocks have good gain.

  2. It's not easy to sell shares, I understand your feeling

    1. I feel that both of us have quite a lot of similarities.

  3. Hi Sir,

    need your quick advise on my Portolio.

    DGB, CLIQ and Idealubb. thanks!

    1. Err... I don't think those stocks are good investment, unless there is new development or acquisition which I'm not aware of. May be you can briefly explain why you bought them first?

  4. Hi BD,

    Firstly, I'd like to say that you're blog is absolutely amazing. Very informative. Next, congrats on your portfolio. Doing very well in a falling market.
    I have a question, you picked stocks with fundamental analysis right? Can you share the method you use to measure the intrinsic value of a company? Just to compare with my method. I've looked into about 10 companies any neverhave ffound an undervalued company. Sorry for the long comment. Anda thanks again for terrific input

    1. Hi Pesa, thanks for your good words :)

      I'm not an expert in fundamental analysis. I don't calculate intrinsic value. I just use simple PE method, coupled with companies' growth prospect to find out undervalued companies.

      If a company has no significant growth and has a low PE, it's undervalue. If the company has predictable growth and relatively high PE, it can still be undervalue for me.

    2. Oh okay, i understand thanks for the reply!

  5. Replies
    1. I would say luck is on my side. I think that short-term trading will make more money in 2015. Just whack those export stocks hard and more than 100% return in a few months time is within reach.

  6. Hi Sir,
    Do you know when Latitud is gonna declare bonus issue and share split? Or it will not? Next, what will be your disposal price? TQ

    1. Hi Vanness, I don't know about the bonus issue, but Latitude Tree did give bonus issue before.

      My projected EPS for Latitude in FY15 will be 82.3sen, but I still do not know what's my disposal price at this moment, depends on earning momentum & market condition.