Saturday 13 February 2016

Torrid Time For Export Stocks

Recently I have been really busy both at work and at home, so it's hard for me to concentrate on stock market research and blogging.

As a result, I rarely monitor the stock market and this blog got temporarily "abandoned" as well since the start of 2016.

Year-to-date, KLCI suffers less than 3% loss but a lot of stocks in my portfolio have been beaten down by around 20%.

These stocks are nothing other than those export-orientated stocks, although many O&G, property and construction stocks also do not do well during this period of time.

Is the fall of export stocks due to recent strengthening of Ringgit?

From its peak at around RM4.40, MYR has strengthened about 6% to RM4.15 per USD since early 2016.

Is it related to lower and lower crude oil price? 

Crude oil price is edging ever closer to USD20 now, and surely it will affect Malaysia's income negatively.

Perhaps a lot of shareholders of those export stocks are hesitant whether they should sell their shares or keep buying more to average down.

Is it a good opportunity to buy just like August last year?

I'm also not sure as I can't predict future share price movement.

However, there are differences between current drop compared to Aug15 when the KLCI also fell quite heavily together with almost every stocks.

Now, KLCI still manage to hold on relatively well.

Anyway, I think I should wait until upcoming quarterly results announcement. 

I don't expect many export companies to post better result QoQ for the final quarter of 2015. If any of the export companies in my portfolio do so (except Notion) then it will be a bonus :)


  1. Some export & glove start to stabilize and some start to rebound, I think ringgit very unlikely go back to 3.5 level

  2. it is time to be greedy,BD :) too bad, not much bullet left... but at least I loaded in a "cheaper" price~

  3. yes, I already all in juz like the black Monday on Aug, but dun forget to all in with great diversification.

  4. for electronic stocks, i got Dufu, Jcycorp, Kesm (follow u)

    all acquired during the recent month

    1. KESM's quarterly results tend to fluctuate. Its share price might follow :)