Sunday 5 April 2020

My Portfolio Mac20

Summary for March 2020

Numbers of stocks 11
Share Sold Adventa @ 0.735, 0.645 (all)
Share Bought None

Overall 2020
Portfolio Return Mac20 -21.70%
KLCI Return Mac20 -8.89%
Portfolio Return YTD20 -16.20%

Stock Portfolio @ End of Mac20

Stocks Avg Feb20 Mac20 Div20 Mac20% Overall%
BJAUTO 1.92 1.78 1.13 2.75 -36.5 -41.1
DAYA 0.035 0.005 0.005
0.0 -85.7
DKSH 2.500 2.750 1.970
-28.4 -21.2
GESHEN 0.430 0.400 0.360
-10.0 -16.3
HIBISCUS 1.050 0.750 0.340
-54.7 -67.6
KRONO 0.76 0.635 0.430
-32.3 -43.4
LEONFB 0.505 0.390 0.300
-40.6 -23.1
MATRIX 1.42 1.94 1.57 3.00 -19.1 10.6
NOTION 0.40 0.990 0.660
-33.3 65.0
PRLEXUS 1.15 0.710 0.470
-33.8 -59.1
SCIENTEX 2.735 9.00 7.54
-16.2 175.7

March 2020 is a disaster month in stock market globally and my portfolio drops 21.7%. 

The percentage is actually better than expected, as I expect more than 30% loss. This might be helped by the profit took home from selling all Adventa shares earlier in March.

Anyway, the percentage does not matter too much. 

However, I'm surprise that quite a lot of stocks in Bursa Malaysia made sharp V shape recovery in the last week of March.

Some short term traders might have enjoyed good gain in this month.

I don't have a lot of stocks in my watch list, but most of them rebounded around 50% or more from their lows. One of the best performer must be Frontken, as it was once traded below RM1 in March and now it is at RM2.05, a 100% gain in less than 2 weeks.

Since the MCO, I do plan to do short term trades but I still haven't make any move. I was just too "careful" and not brave enough.

Now a lot of stocks have already moved up so much, and I can sense some optimism in the market last week.

So I think may be it's not a good time to buy. I might need to wait until the time when everybody wants to throw every single shares they have. 

Will it happen again? 

If it won't happen again, that means stock market has already started its recovery and I will miss the opportunity which only occurs once every 10 years.

At this moment, Covid 19 is out of control in the most powerful economy in the world, the USA. Its 311,637 cases and 8,454 deaths now make China's figures of 81,669 & 3,329 very "presentable". 

The problem is, US still haven't find its peak yet.

For Malaysia, everything seems under control but we are not sure whether the MCO will be extended beyond 14 April. 

What I'm worry is the extent of recession Covid 19 will bring and how long will it take to recover.

At the moment I still haven't hear any businesses go bankrupt, any huge jobs cut or loans get defaulted and property get lelong. 

All these things should happen in recession right?

Perhaps they won't happen, as the lockdown is only 1-2 months and everything will go back to normal then.

I saw an Ad in FB by a fellow investor, telling readers that when the Covid 19 is settled, everyone will go shopping, dining, travelling & spending as usual. Since the government have already distributed so much money & incentives to individuals and businesses, the economy & stock market will recover in explosive manner. KABOOM!

This is what most people think, including myself. But, is it that simple?

I don't know. I feel that the worst is still to come. 

That's why I haven't buy any shares, yet.


  1. Do you think you'll be spending as usual after covid/lockdown?

    I've also waiting for the worst to come but I don't think I'll spend as usual when things clear off. The lockdown shows me so many things that I don't need.

  2. The worst happened on 19th March'20.
    My 2 cent opinion is buy before too late. I started buying in end March'20.

  3. Under control ? Malaysia has 32 million population only 50k + ppl tested ....

  4. Hi Bursa,
    I m new follower. Just sharing what I read from Hward Marks memo and is the appropriate method for the time being, "......So its my view that waiting for the bottom is folly.....if something is cheap - based on relationship between price and intrinsic value - you should buy, if it cheapens further, you should buy more....Its not easy to buy when the news is terrible, prices are collapsing and its impossible to have an idea where the bottom lies...this process is one of gradual readjustment, not a matter of all or nothing. "
    I think its time to nibble. Thanks

  5. No one can predict the real outcome of this pandemic. In hindsight, we should start buying in end of Mac. For good companies, it's a good idea to buy low and average down when it goes lower. My problem is, I was too cautious as I'm not sure how much the fundamental of those "good" companies will be affected.