Tuesday 14 February 2023

My Portfolio Jan23


Summary of January 2023

Portfolio @ End of Jan23

Even though the KLCI dropped 0.7% in the first month of 2023, Jan23 was generally a great month for most stock investors. 

My portfolio made a good start with a gain of 7.4%.

The share price of Fast rose 42% in Jan23 and I was not aware of it until I made the summary at the end of the month.

Anyway, Fast does not carry any significant weight in my portfolio now since it has already fell more than 90%.

Most tech stocks continue their "recovery" since Dec22. JHM & MI advanced 14.9% & 11.5% respectively which certainly helped to push up the gain of my portfolio.

Almost all stocks in my portfolio registered gain in Jan23 except Gtronic and Uchitec.

The share price of Gtronic stays depressed at RM1.10 level as EPF continues to dispose its share like no tomorrow.

Uchitec was negatively affected by the expiry of its tax incentive starting this year.

I did consider seriously to sell all my Uchitec shares after its dividend ex-ed at the end of last year. However, finally I chose to hold them.

Starting from FY23, about 85% of its revenue will be taxed at 24%. Previously it has almost 0% income tax.

I guesstimate that it can achieve EPS 27sen for FY22, with another 14sen dividend on the way in Jun23.

For FY23, I hope it can deliver an EPS & dividend of around 20sen. If this happens then its dividend yield will still be a good 6.25% at share price of RM3.20.

Contrary to Gtronic, EPF has taken up lots of Uchitec's shares recently.

As many expert predicted that the economy of this year might not be good, I decided to sell part of my holdings in JHM & myNews.

The upcoming quarterly results of these two might be disappointing to investors.

Most companies in my portfolio will release their quarter results in Feb23. I don't place high hope on all of them.

USD depreciated almost 10% in the final quarter of 2022. How will this affect the profits of the companies?

Anyway, my cash level also grows at the same time. Being not very active in the stock market for some time, I still couldn't find a new stock to invest in.

I think may be I should attend stock market talks to get some ideas?


  1. Try stockbit and value investing substack as good source of inspiration