Wednesday 5 March 2014

Be Moderate In Saving

There are some people who earn good money, invest the money wisely and become rich. Throughout their life, they try to maximize their wealth by saving and investing continuously.

Some of them don't treat themselves very nicely. They drive old car, stay in an old house & wear old clothes & old shoes. They don't travel too much, they rarely dine in expensive restaurants and they don't have any luxury personal items, even though they are actually millionaires that little people know.

When this type of people die, very often other people will say: "See, what for having so much money but never spend them to enjoy life? We should spend what we have, as we never know how long we can live."

What is the definition of "enjoy life"? 

Actually those people are actually enjoying their life by doing what they like the most - accumulating wealth. They may feel very happy to see their net worth rising year after year. If they spend too much of their money, they will feel bad.

So when this type of people die, there is no need to feel sorry for them just because they don't have a chance to spend their money.

Every person is different. Some people want fame, some don't. Some people like to travel, some don't. Some people like sports car, some don't. Some people like branded handbags, some don't.

Nevertheless, if you are the type of person who like to accumulate wealth like the example above, it is advisable to do it in a moderate way. Again, moderate is the key.

If you are keeping your money too tight, then it is called stingy, selfish or "kiam siap". 

I have seen and heard people doing a lot of tricks or making up all sorts of stories & excuses just to save a few ringgits.

Besides, if you are in charge of household finance, you have to take care of other people around you especially your own family members.

While you don't want to spend money on travelling which you don't like, your spouse may love travelling. You may want to go to cheap hawker centers every time when eating outside, but your spouse may need some romance while dining once in a while.

So, sometimes you have to spend in a way to make people around you happy.

Or better still, if you can, find a spouse that shares the same spending habit with you.