Tuesday 23 August 2011

HDD Players Head-to-Head

Eng, JCY and Notion all have released their latest financial results this month. Lets see all of them in a glance.

Rev (Profit) RM mil Current quarter QoQ YoY
Eng 133 (5.6) 120 (4.8) 135 (12.6)
JCY 395 (-31.8) 397 (12.4) 481 (55.6)
Notion 61 (10.1) 54 (10.8) 61 (2.9)

Obviously JCY is the worst performer. Eng and Notion are able to hang on with their revenue. Even though Notion get the least revenue, but its profit margin is quite impressive with the greatest net profit.

Eng has the smallest amount of outstanding shares (122.5 mil), followed closely by Notion but JCY has almost 16x more. For FY2010, EPS of Eng is the greatest with 40sen with Notion 25sen and JCY 8.6sen. However, this is going to change in the current FY11 in which we will see Notion top the rank. Eng may be then be privatized if the takeover is successful.

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