Monday, 15 August 2011

Section 17 New Look Soon?

PJ's Section 17's flats are planned to be redeveloped! I think it is good move as the flats are very run-down and this area which is fronting the busy Jalan University, can be a hot property area and is popular among UM students.

After a few years, may be we can see a row of modern shop offices with alfresco F&B outlets facing the main road, and a stretch of new apartments/condominiums behind it. From google map I just notice that Jaya One commercial area is just opposite the flats. It has been many years since I last visited this place, so please forgive my ignorant. Hope to have a chance to bring back the old memory soon.

     PJ Seksyen 17

It's good that the residents who are forced to move out will be compensated with a larger unit on the original site, but the RM500 a month compensation can only get you a room in that area I guess. Anyway, if got chance and fund, I wish to get a unit there...


THE Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) is planning to redevelop the Section 17 flats in Petaling Jaya.

PKNS business development engineer Yeo Cheng Chuan and DKLS Indsutries Bhd senior manager Yee Chee Yong have presented the compensation package to the residents.

“We are proposing a replacement unit at the new development in the same location,” Yee told reporters at a meeting attended by about 40 residents from Block A and B of the flats in Jalan 17/2 at the Section 17 community hall recently.

Each owner of the 592sq ft flat would be compensated with a 700sq ft unit.

Among the other compensation proposed were a RM5,000 moving out allowance, RM8,000 moving back allowance and rental subsidy of RM500 per month until the project was completed.

In addition to that, the leasehold period of the new development would be renewed to 99 years instead of 30 remaining on the existing titles.

The PKNS put the market value of the units at RM96,496 (592sq ft at RM163 per sq ft) each.
Yee said they were open for discussions with the residents.

“If they feel the compensation is not enough or have other suggestions they can let us know. We will only go through with the project when we have 100% agreement from the residents,” he said.

Several residents wanted to know the details of the proposed development but project consultant YTS Design Malaysia Sdn Bhd managing director Yap Teak Sing said they did not have any finalised proposal for the project.

     Quite run-down flat

“We have to get 100% agreement from owners before we can go ahead with the project and we are still in the discussion stage of the project,” he said.

“After we get the agreement, we must also work with the local council to change the status of the land from residential to commercial,” he said.

Yeo said they had had three rounds of discussions with the residents before this and still had many more to go with the others.

Flat owner Fong Ten Chee said the residents still had to review the compensation package as the market value proposed did not reflect the current value.

He said they would be getting people together to form a pro tem committee so that the owners could come to a consensus.

Another resident Chun Kok Meng said redeveloping the old flats was a good proposal but felt that PKNS could offer them a bigger unit.

Flat owner Mokhtar Stork said the developer would be building a lot more than the 500 units and that the compensation was below the projected profits.

His daughter, Maria Hadijah, said there were many senior citizens staying in the area and it would be difficult for them to find an alternative place.

“It would be hard for us to find a place within the same area to move to temporarily.

“The RM500 that they are offering per month can barely get us a room in Petaling Jaya, let alone a house for the whole family,” she said.

Eight other meetings with residents and owners have been planned at 9.30am over the weekends until Oct 1 at the same location.

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