Thursday, 11 August 2011

Stocks to Watch

US market fell more than 4% again yesterday. However, seems like Asian market refuses to follow its sell-down like 2-3 days ago. Is it a good sign?

Bursa today opens 13 points down then quickly dives to -26 points after just a few minutes. At noon now, it narrows its loss to around -7 points. Most other Asian markets recover a bit from early morning's dive, with some like Shanghai, NZ and Seoul even in green now.

Viewing as a big picture, the recent sell down may not finish yet, as there is no strong reason or good news to stage a trend reversal. However, short term correction may be on its way.

Listed below are a few non-blue chips stocks that I personally feel worth to consider at this moment, mainly because they are either fundamentally good, recently under the spot light or very much oversold. Of course, there are a few blue chips that look attractive too, and they should be included in your list.

This list of stocks is for reference only, not a buy call. There are still lots of good stocks not listed here. Thus, trade on your own risk.
  • UOADev

  • UEMLand
  • Mahsing
  • SPSetia
  • E&O

  • Coastal
  • Mudajaya

  • Gamuda

  • BJCorp

  • DRBHicom
  • Ivory
  • Huayang
  • Perwaja
  • Kinsteel
  • Tambun
  • IJMLand
  • UMLand
  • Leader
  • Airasia

  • WCT
  • Waseong
  • Yinson
  • MEGB
  • KianJoo

Anyone can share more?


  1. cold eye ask to buy property stocks
    ivory, asas, dijacor...etc

  2. where does cold eye give the advice? from his new book or recent talk? I'm also quite bullish on property, i think the heat still can last for 1-2 years (just gut-feeling only). That's why most of the stocks listed here are property stocks :)

  3. A bit opinion on Asas. Previously I don't like Asas Dunia very much. Most ppl who know property in penang will know that Asas is like Talam in KL, building bad quality houses, and didn't plan the project well, with lots of completed projects abandoned or vacant, mostly location issue. Their house design is also extremely poor.

    It's true that Asas has lots of land in seberang perai, but mostly at the very ulu area around SP selatan. If Asas's plan to gift a piece of land to Jit Sin school is approved, then it might help to increased the land value there.

    However, from more recent projects ppl can see some improvement in Asas's housing project, like Desa Impian & residensi merbok. It may be a good sign for a turnaround, esp its share's "popularity". However, Asas is not as aggressive as Tambun indah.

  4. read last week cold eye article in nanyang siang pau...he talk about undervaluation of property stocks