Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Can Oldtown Survive In Australia?

Yesterday, Oldtown (White Coffee) has just announced its venture into Australia market.

Nevertheless, I read a local newspaper article recently saying that Starbucks has failed quite miserably in Australia.

From what I understand, coffee is extremely popular among Australians, especially in Melbourne.

Starbucks came into Australia since year 2000 and have 87 chain stores at its climax. However, it has been reduced to only 22 in 2012 until now.

It seems like Starbucks do not fit into the "local coffee culture" of Australia. It was even described as "selling ice to Eskimos".

I think Oldtown should have done a careful market study before making a decision to venture into Australia. What are the strategies it has in order to compete with local coffee chain stores?

I'm not a coffee lover. Any brands of coffee will taste the same for me.

However, I'm aware that most of my friends who look like "coffee experts" will not go to Old Town White Coffee.

Perhaps Oldtown can provide a totally different type of coffee experience to Australian?

Can Oldtown do better than Starbucks in Australia?


  1. Back to 3-4 years back, I been visited to Melbourne for 2 weeks. After a long while tasting their local food - bread, sandwich...We are start scared/bored of their food and we start searching for "our food". At the end, we got a this Old Town Coffee at Chinese Town. From my view, this restaurant is not having a good business there. There are just few customers around and all seem like from our kampung...just imagine you open a bread, sandwich stall/shop somewhere KL, just see our boys like this or nasi lemak? And another point is their coffee. All of their coffee is live made through the coffee machine. And I tell you, all the coffee I been tasted around many stalls/shops are superior in taste. It is like original and high quality coffee bean make up of it. It not like the Starbuck with all kind of sweet flavour, cover over the bean taste.

  2. That Old Town Coffee you went 3-4 years back is not the Old Town White Coffee mentioned here right?