Thursday, 1 May 2014

My Portfolio Apr14

Summary For April 2014

Apr 2014
Numbers of stocks 9
Cash/Share ratio 0
Share Bought Asiapac @ 0.24 & 0.25
Share Sold Tambun @ 1.95 (part)

Overall 2014
Portfolio Return Apr14 1.7%
KLCI Return Apr14 1.2%
Portfolio Return YTD14 33.1%
KLCI Return YTD14 0.2%

In previous months I've made a mistake in which I included dividends into the calculation of monthly portfolio return.

To better reflect the performance of portfolio, I think I should NOT include the dividends and has made amendment to previous months' return figures.

I will only include dividends when calculating overall yearly return in the end of a year.

Core Portfolio
Stocks Average Latest G/L (%)
TAMBUN 0.77 1.99 158.4

Satellite Portfolio
Stocks Average Latest G/L (%)
ASIAPAC 0.245 0.285 16.3
GTRONIC 2.43 3.60 48.1
INARI 0.73 2.62 258.9
LATITUD 1.98 2.75 38.9
MATRIX 3.13 4.09 30.7
SCIENTEX 5.47 5.80 6.0
TROP 1.89 1.54 -18.5
YOCB 0.69 1.16 68.1

  • Poor portfolio return in April (+1.2%). Overall YTD return improves slightly from 30.8% in Mac to 33.1% in April.
  • Sold some of Tambun to buy another property stock Asiapac. Overall no net increase in investment in property stocks.
  • Another round of selling Tambun's shares will see it disqualified from being in the core portfolio.
  • Fail to top up Latitude & buy a plantation stock in April.

  • To continue effort to promote Latitude to core portfolio.
  • To accumulate fund to buy a plantation stock, probably need to sell more shares to get the fund.


  1. I thought now u trying to avoid plantation?

    U hv missed out on latitud.

    Why exclude dividend? KLCI does not include dividednd, but unit trust did.

    Some people bot rm1.00, received dividend rm0.60, then adjust the cost to rm0.40. And if current price is rm1.00, they said made 150% already. But in actual fact is 60%.

    Just curious why your YTD drop while u still making MTD?

  2. PEGGY, you're right, I made a mistake in calculation, March's YTD return should be 30.8%.

    Initially I thought the approximation calculation of return might have caused lower YTD return in Apr compared to Mac, even though the portfolio gains 1.7% in April.

    I still want to add a plantation stock, which is SGX listed. As the minimum brokerage is SGD30, I plan to accumulate more fund to buy at once. Anyway, recently the stock has gone up quite a lot :(

  3. Typo, i meant property stock, tot u not touching now.

  4. You're right, I don't plan to add more property stock to my portfolio. Somehow I also feel strange I bought Asiapac, while earlier giving MKH, L&G, PJD or OSKPorp a miss, but I bought it by using fund from selling Tambun. So I'm not adding extra money into property (cheating myself?)