Sunday, 4 May 2014

Hijauan Valdor: Setting A New Benchmark In Sungai Bakap

After being taken private, Asas Dunia has just launched its first major property project named Hijauan Valdor.

Valdor is a small town located between Simpang Ampat and Sungai Bakap in Seberang Perai Selatan. It is known for its Chinese new village and also as the largest poultry farm in Penang.

Location wise, Hijauan Valdor is quite strategic as it is situated just beside the Ipoh-Butterworth federal trunk road and opposite the upcoming link to the southern part of Batu Kawan where all the industrial and commercial activities are concentrated.

       Location of Hijauan Valdor

However, it also has its drawback as it just sits beside the railway track and next to the big poultry farm of Valdor.

Hijauan Valdor is a freehold guarded community (not gated), with individual title. It has altogether 6 phases and currently phase 1 is launched to certain guests or registrants only.

I might be one of the earliest registrant for this project as I inquired about this since 2 years ago. At that time the sales person said that there is no concrete plan for this area yet.

       Phase 1 Hijauan Valdor, with lower cost component marked in blue

Phase 1 offers single storey terrace & semi-D, as well as double storey terrace & semi-D. The pricing is quite ambitious as it starts from RM350k.

Below are the initial pricing of the properties at Hijauan Valdor (excluding rebates)

Single storey terrace (land area 2,003 sq ft) - from RM350k
Single storey terrace (land area 2,455 sq ft) - from RM405k
Single storey semi-d (land area 2,885 sq ft) - from RM464k
Double storey terrace (land area 2,003 sq ft) - from RM550k
Double storey semi-d (land area 2,745 sq ft) - from RM680k

There is no facility such as club house, swimming pool or gymnasium as it is not a gated community. However, buyers have to pay between RM100-RM150 a month as maintenance fee mainly for guard service.

With its many lands at Seberang Perai Selatan, Asas Dunia has been known earlier to be Tambun Indah Pearl City's major competitor. 

It is interesting to compare the properties offered by these 2 development.

A more appropriate comparison should be between Asas Dunia's Hijauan Valdor and Tambun Indah's Rain Tree Park which was also launched recently.

Hijauan Valdor's double storey terrace is priced from RM550k, exclusive of rebates. Legal fees are free but stamp duties are not. Its land size measures 25'x80' (2,000 sq ft) while built-up area is 25'x50' each floor.

Tambun Indah's Rain Tree Park double storey link semi-d is priced from RM538k, inclusive of rebates, stamp duties and legal fees. Its land size is 29.5'x68.5' (2,020 sq ft), with a built-up area of about 21'x45.5' in lower floor and 21'x49' in upper floor.

So, both with almost similar price and land size but Hijauan Valdor's DST has 25% larger built-up area. However, Rain Tree Park's link DSSD is a link semi-d, and it is located in a more secured gated community with more facilities, and also with roads with interlocking tiles and underground cables.

Pearl City is a township development with commercial development, proposed shopping mall, international school and medical center. It is located at a more matured town of Simpang Ampat.

Meanwhile Valdor is somewhere between Sungai Bakap and Simpang Ampat, and Hijauan Valdor is a pure residential development. The future link to Batu Kawan might be the main selling point of Hijauan Valdor.

Anyway, the DST sold in Rain Tree Park starts from RM438k, which is RM100k less than its counterpart in Hijauan Valdor, but with lesser land and built-up area.

      Rain Tree Park 1 Site Map

As Hijauan Valdor is only a guarded community, by right the guard has no rights to prohibit anyone from entering the area. The landscaping and upkeeping of the area is still the responsibility of local council (MPSP). House owners can renovate their house as they like as long as it is approved by the authority.

Whether Hiajaun Valdor is a worth buy or not depends on each individual. Some may think that its higher selling price might be justified by its larger built-up area. If you do not buy now, the upcoming phases are almost sure to cost more than current price.

Eco World's land in Simpang Ampat is right in the middle of Pearl City and Hijauan Valdor. I wonder how will Eco World price its property here next year. RM650k for DST?


  1. Terrance only oooo ..

    Poor people like me not afford to buy .. I better concentrate on my equity investment to maximize profit ..

  2. Save hard on your SGD then you should be rich :)