Sunday, 13 November 2022

My Portfolio Oct22

 Summary of October 2022

Portfolio @ End of Oct22

In October 2022, both myNews & Hibiscus performed brilliantly by advancing 24.4% & 15.5% respectively.

However, tech related stocks continue to suffer. JHM lost the most at 16% this month while Gtronic and Krono both fell 11%.

Overall, my portfolio manage to register a small gain of 3.3% this month but YTD is still losing 20%.

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

My Portfolio Sep22

 Summary For September 2022

Portfolio @ End of Sep22

The month of September is not a good month for stock market after a brief rebound in August. KLCI tumbled 7.8%, exactly the same as the performance of my portfolio in Sep22.

The worst performer is Hibiscus, which fell 21% in one month, followed by Maybulk, Krono, JHM & LeeSK which suffered more than 10% loss.

Overall year-to-date, accumulated loss since the start of the year has reached 20% for the first time.

Three companies in my portfolio announced their quarter results in September.

Krono's FY23Q2's result (PAT RM3.1mil, EPS 0.44) is not within my expectation, but not too bad either. Net profit increased 40% QoQ but dropped 40% YoY.

However, YoY, the EBIDTA in this quarter was comparable at RM10.5mil. The net profit was mainly dragged down by 30% higher depreciation charge.

Contribution from EDM infrastructure technology segment is still weak in the first half of FY23. Whether it can play catch up in the remainder of FY23 remains to be seen.

Thursday, 8 September 2022

My Portfolio Aug22

Summary of August 2022

Portfolio @ End of Aug22

In August 2022, MI suffered a meltdown and lost 22% in one month's time. However, my portfolio still manage to register a monthly gain of 3.7% thanks to Hibiscus, myNews and Uchitec.

Hibiscus's FY22Q4's result was very good as expected, with a PATAMI of RM215.5mil (EPS 10.7sen).

As a result, its share price rallied from 80sen+ to over RM1.00. The drop of Brent oil below USD100 and the tax dispute with Sabah government might have prevented its share price to re-visit RM1.50 level.

Its cash flow is generally OK and I think it should be able to achieve at least 20sen of EPS in FY23 even if the Brent oil falls to USD70-80. 

Sunday, 7 August 2022

My Portfolio Jul22


Summary of July 2022

Portfolio @ End of Jul22

July seems to be a better month as KLCI went up 3.3% while my portfolio gained a modest 2.1%.

Most technology stocks staged a good rebound this month, especially Unisem which gained almost 50% from RM2.10 to RM3.10 after releasing a superb quarterly result.

Besides Unisem, Frontken and Dufu also achieved a commendable set of financial results.

Hibiscus was in the news for the wrong reason and its share price continues to fall from RM1 level to 80sen.

I guess the fall of its share price from RM1.50 earlier was related to this issue.