Sunday, 10 September 2023

My Portfolio Aug23

 Summary For August 2023

Portfolio @ End of Aug23

It's been a flat month of Aug23. KLCI dropped marginally  (-0.5%) while my portfolio gained 0.7%.

Gtronic gained the most at 10.4% while LEESK suffered the most with a 11.6% loss, probably due to its poor quarter result.

I planned to dispose all my Krono warrants on the first day of trading but I just missed the date.

Thus I only manage to sell off at lower price of 15sen on the second day of trading.

I don't have any potential new stocks to invest in at the moment. I'll consider to top up on a few existing stocks in my portfolio.

Monday, 21 August 2023

My Portfolio Jul23

 Summary For July 2023

Portfolio @ End of Jul23

July 2023 was a rather good month for stock market as tech stocks led the way.

MI's share price jumped 17% while Gtronic gained 14%. JHM was not far behind with a 9.4% gain in the month.

Overall my portfolio improved by 6.4% in parallel with an impressive 6.0% gain in KLCI in the month of Jul23.

In this month, bonus shares of Krono was ex-ed and there was no buy sell transaction for me.

Thursday, 13 July 2023

My Portfolio Jun23

 Summary For June 2023

Portfolio @ End of Jun23

My portfolio is rather flat in Jun23 with a marginal gain of 0.3%. Overall YTD still manage to stay in the positive territory of 3.1%.

T7Global started to make some move this month with a sudden surge from 41.5sen to 47.5sen in mid June, only to retreat to 44.5sen at the end of Jun23.

Gtronic made good progress as well with a 6.8% gain in the month.

However, MFCB dropped by as much as 7.0% in June which was somewhat unexpected to me. 

I thought MFCB's share price should be as steady as rock even if growth might be slow. It has dropped from RM3.60 to almost RM3.00 since earlier this year.

Wednesday, 21 June 2023

My Portfolio May23

Summary For May 2023

Portfolio @ End of May23

KLCI dropped 2% in May23 while my portfolio dropped even more at 4%, reducing the YTD gain to merely 2.7%.

Tech related stocks seems to suffer this month, with MI leading the pack by falling 15.8%. JHM & Krono both fell by 7%.

Nevertheless, Gtronic still managed to register a 7% gain in the month.

Both Hibiscus and Maybulk also dropped by a massive 10%.