Sunday 14 July 2024

My Portfolio Jun24

Summary For June 24

Portfolio @ End of Jun24

Jun24 doesn't feel like a good month to me and I thought my portfolio will register loss in the month before I did my monthly calculation.

Surprisingly it still manage to gain 3.5%.

This is because the good run in the first half of Jun24 was not totally undone by the bad second half.

Anyway, KLCI still lost 0.4%.

Overall, my YTD gain inched up to 39%.

Thursday 20 June 2024

My Portfolio May24

 Summary For May 2024

Portfolio @ End of May24

May24 is not a bad month for me. Even though previous "heavyweights" EUPE & TAS fell 14% and 3.3% respectively, latest heavyweight stock Fajar climbed 38.5%.

I manage to buy more Fajar's shares at average price of 35sen before it released its FY24Q3 result.

As a result, my portfolio was able to gain 3.15% in the month, lifting overall YTD gain to 32.7%.

KLCI's YTD gain has almost reached 10% which is undoubtedly its best performance in more than 10 years.

Wednesday 22 May 2024

My Portfolio Apr24

 Summary For April 2024

Portfolio @ End of Apr24

April 2024 is a great month for me as my portfolio gained 16.9%, bringing YTD gain to almost 30%.

This is due to EUPE & TAS, the 2 stocks which I invested more heavily into recently. Both of them gained 58% & 35% respectively in Apr24.

Malaysia's stock market seems to be very bullish as I can see many stocks flying up the sky.

KLCI has gained 8.3% in the first 4 months in 2024, which is its best performance since I started tracking KLCI from year 2014.

Anyway, Gtronic's share price continue to slide and lost 15% in the month.

It seems like the "SCIB phenomenon" does not apply to Gtronic.

Friday 12 April 2024

My Portfolio Mac24

Summary For March 2024

Portfolio @ End of Mac24 

In Mac24, the two newly added stocks ADB & EUPE performed brightly as they rose 37.6% and 9.3% respectively.

This has helped to propel my portfolio to gain 1.6% in Mac24. YTD gain improves slightly to 8.1%.

The share price of ADB inched up almost everyday and I have no chance to add more shares. Thus it only contributes rather minimally to my portfolio despite appreciated 35%.

Meanwhile, the share price of EUPE took a break below RM1 so I took this opportunity to buy more of its shares, with a target price of RM2.