Sunday 11 December 2022

My Portfolio Nov22

 Summary For November 2022

My Portfolio @ End of Nov22

In the month of Nov22, tech-related stocks staged a good rebound. MI & Gtronic both rose 13.7% & 10.6% respectively but JHM dropped 11.6%.

The downtrend of JHM continues and it has already lost 25% in two months. 

Meanwhile, the share price of Krono and Uchitec stay relatively flat.

MyNews is the top performer in my portfolio this month with a 15.9% gain, followed closely by Hibiscus at 14.4% gain.

Overall, Nov22 was dominated by General Election 15 and it was a good month for Malaysia's stock market. 

The outcome of the election with the resulting "Unity Government" seems to be welcomed by most investors.

Sunday 13 November 2022

My Portfolio Oct22

 Summary of October 2022

Portfolio @ End of Oct22

In October 2022, both myNews & Hibiscus performed brilliantly by advancing 24.4% & 15.5% respectively.

However, tech related stocks continue to suffer. JHM lost the most at 16% this month while Gtronic and Krono both fell 11%.

Overall, my portfolio manage to register a small gain of 3.3% this month but YTD is still losing 20%.

Tuesday 18 October 2022

My Portfolio Sep22

 Summary For September 2022

Portfolio @ End of Sep22

The month of September is not a good month for stock market after a brief rebound in August. KLCI tumbled 7.8%, exactly the same as the performance of my portfolio in Sep22.

The worst performer is Hibiscus, which fell 21% in one month, followed by Maybulk, Krono, JHM & LeeSK which suffered more than 10% loss.

Overall year-to-date, accumulated loss since the start of the year has reached 20% for the first time.

Three companies in my portfolio announced their quarter results in September.

Krono's FY23Q2's result (PAT RM3.1mil, EPS 0.44) is not within my expectation, but not too bad either. Net profit increased 40% QoQ but dropped 40% YoY.

However, YoY, the EBIDTA in this quarter was comparable at RM10.5mil. The net profit was mainly dragged down by 30% higher depreciation charge.

Contribution from EDM infrastructure technology segment is still weak in the first half of FY23. Whether it can play catch up in the remainder of FY23 remains to be seen.

Thursday 8 September 2022

My Portfolio Aug22

Summary of August 2022

Portfolio @ End of Aug22

In August 2022, MI suffered a meltdown and lost 22% in one month's time. However, my portfolio still manage to register a monthly gain of 3.7% thanks to Hibiscus, myNews and Uchitec.

Hibiscus's FY22Q4's result was very good as expected, with a PATAMI of RM215.5mil (EPS 10.7sen).

As a result, its share price rallied from 80sen+ to over RM1.00. The drop of Brent oil below USD100 and the tax dispute with Sabah government might have prevented its share price to re-visit RM1.50 level.

Its cash flow is generally OK and I think it should be able to achieve at least 20sen of EPS in FY23 even if the Brent oil falls to USD70-80. 

Sunday 7 August 2022

My Portfolio Jul22


Summary of July 2022

Portfolio @ End of Jul22

July seems to be a better month as KLCI went up 3.3% while my portfolio gained a modest 2.1%.

Most technology stocks staged a good rebound this month, especially Unisem which gained almost 50% from RM2.10 to RM3.10 after releasing a superb quarterly result.

Besides Unisem, Frontken and Dufu also achieved a commendable set of financial results.

Hibiscus was in the news for the wrong reason and its share price continues to fall from RM1 level to 80sen.

I guess the fall of its share price from RM1.50 earlier was related to this issue.

Monday 4 July 2022

My Portfolio Jun22


In Jun22, things go from bad to worse as KLCI plummeted 8%.

My portfolio inevitably performed badly as it shrank 10.7% in this month alone, bringing the year-to-date loss to 18.4%.

Currently the world is still overshadowed by inflation with the recession risk looming.

Year-to-date, Nasdaq index already lost 30%, while S&P 500 and DJI retreated 20% & 15% respectively.

It seems like we are already in a small bear market.

KLCI lost "just" 7.9% so far this year. The reason is because it has never really gone up in the past 4-5 years or so.

If we are going to witness a real economy recession soon, KLCI still has much room to fall from current level of 1,450 points.

Tuesday 21 June 2022

EUPE Joins Belfield & Merdeka 118


Since the euphoria in the second half of 2020, the stock market has not been doing well for the past one and a half year.

It seems like my best investment so far since 2021 is the property I invested in, which is Sunway Belfield. 

Of course it's still too early to make any conclusion to this investment. Anything can happen down the road and it might still be possible to turn into a bad investment.

Tower A & B of Sunway Belfield are almost fully sold. Tower C was launched in November last year and the launching price was more than 15% higher for the smallest unit compared to Tower A.

I'd expect at least 30% appreciation in price once the construction is completed in 2024 or 2025. This is the reason I invested in Sunway Belfield in the first place.

In other words, I bought the smallest unit at around RM750 psf and I hope it can reach RM1000 psf once it's completed.

One thing for sure is, there will be much more supply of residential units in this Belfield or Kampung Attap area in the near future.

Saturday 4 June 2022

My Portfolio May22


Summary of May 2022

Stock Portfolio @ End of May22

Since reaching its height in Feb22, my stock portfolio value has been gradually shrinking non-stop like a leaking pipe.

May is the worst month to my portfolio so far this year with a loss of 4.2%. The main culprit is the 17% decline of Maybulk while most tech-related stocks also suffered in this month.

Year-to-date loss stands at 9% but it's still better than year 2016 & 2018 which suffered loss of 14.7% and 13.5% respectively at this stage.

There seems to be nothing special happening in May, just the old stories of inflation, US rate hike and Russia-Ukraine war. 

Brent oil price continues its uptrend and it touched USD124/bbl in the last day of May.

From the financial performance of local listed companies, I feel that most of them do not do very well.

For those companies in my portfolio, I think the latest quarterly results of Uchitec, MFCB, Rhonema, JHM, Master and LEESK are good. 

The rest are so-so.

Thursday 5 May 2022

My Portfolio Apr22


Summary of April 2022

Stock Portfolio @ End of Apr22

The month of April is another lackluster month for my portfolio which lost 2% to bring the overall loss-to-date to 5% this year.

Apart from the retreat of tech-related stocks, the shares of myNews have been heavily sold down 10% as well.

The best performers in Bursa Malaysia are still the plantation stocks which I don't own any of them.

Indonesia's ban on its palm oil export has caught the market by surprise and it certainly helps to push up the CPO price.

Out of the total 14 stocks in my portfolio, 8 of them are suffering from losses now. This doesn't look good indeed.

Sunday 10 April 2022

LTKM RTO: Any Opportunity For Retailers?

LTKM, a Bursa-listed company and one of the most famous chicken eggs producer in Malaysia, has decided to dispose all its existing businesses for RM158.83mil.

Besides the poultry business which contributed 96% of its revenue in FY21, LTKM is also involved in sand mining activity as well as property development in the past.

Upon disposal of all its subsidiaries, LTKM will become an empty shell. It has proposed to acquire 100% equity interest in Local Assembly Sdn Bhd for RM336mil.

Local Assembly is a Johor-based EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) provider. It's not only profitable, its revenue and profit are growing tremendously in the past 3 years.

After the acquisition, Local Assembly will be the only subsidiary of LTKM, and LTKM will change its name to LA Technology Bhd.

One week before LTKM's shares trading was suspended for this announcement, its share price has already been pushed up by 23% from RM1.30 to RM1.60 by insiders.

Do retailers still have a chance to grab its shares at "fair price" after the resumption of trading tomorrow?

Monday 4 April 2022

My Portfolio Mac22


Summary For March 2022

Portfolio @ End of Mac22

After a challenging month of Feb22, Mac22 was a volatile month for tech-related stocks in Bursa in which they fell heavily in the first week but then staged a V-shape recovery.

I just added a bit of Krono and JHM during this period of time. I still haven't averaged down on MI as its share price has already rebounded strongly before I made my move.

I planned to add MI's shares at RM1.50 but it didn't reach this level even though it was close.

In Mac, my portfolio suffered a 2.5% loss. Year-to-date the loss has widened to 3%.

Oil & gas stocks especially upstream Hibiscus have the exact opposite fate as the tech stocks.

The share price of Hibiscus rallied since the end of Jan22 from RM0.88 to reach RM1.38 on 9th Mac22, before falling 26% to almost RM1 in the next 4 days.

I sold my second batch of Hibiscus shares at RM1.28. I keep the rest to see how the market will respond to its upcoming quarter result which includes approximately 2 months contribution from acquired Repsol assets.

Sunday 6 March 2022

Tech Stocks: Has The Value Emerged?

Can I buy tech stocks now?

I think most stock market investors in Malaysia will have this question.

Year-to-date, most tech-related stocks have seen their share price dropped between 30-50%. Their previous optimistic PE valuation of 40-60x has fallen to 20-30x currently.

PE ratio of between 20-30x seems to be fair and not expensive in recent tech super cycle. 

However, will the PE valuation ever go back to 40-60x again when the sentiment in stock market improves later?

I really don't know. Who knows the PE might go back to 15-20x region when the worry of semiconductor oversupply emerges?

Anyway, tech related companies with high growth potential should be a safer bet.

Thursday 3 March 2022

My Portfolio Feb22


Summary For February 2022

Portfolio @ End of Feb22

In Feb22, KLCI registered a superb monthly gain of 6.35%, mainly due to the gain of blue chips plantation and banking stocks.

Technology related stocks continue to suffer as there seems to be a second round of sell-off. 

My portfolio has quite a number of tech-related stocks but it has been "saved" by Hibiscus again. Overall it's a flat month to me.

The hottest headlines recently is undoubtedly the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. It has resulted in the spike in certain commodities price such as crude oil, crude palm oil, soybean and aluminum etc.

When the US warned the world of the potential invasion of Ukraine by Russia earlier in February, I think not many people believed that it will ever happen.

We are living in a modern "civilized" world now. Even though there are still lots military conflicts around the globe, an "unprovoked" invasion of a sovereign country by a super power is almost unheard of.

Perhaps Ukraine or certain country has done something that provoked Russia but such brutal action of destruction to properties and life is definitely not right.

Wednesday 9 February 2022

My Portfolio Jan22

Summary for January 2022

Portfolio @ End of Jan22

The first month of year 2022 was not a good month to the stock market as KLCI dropped 3.5%.

Tech-related stocks led the drop with approximately 20% slash in their share prices.

My portfolio could not escape from the bad sentiment and registered 1.2% loss in the month of January 2022.

The share price of the hopeless Fast Energy fell the most at 26% but it did not affect the overall portfolio much as the value is already very small.

JHM & Gtronic were the worst performers apart from Fast but overall loss was minimized by the 23.9% rise in Hibiscus's share price.

I sold part of my Hibiscus shares earlier at 88sen which was at the wrong timing again.

Besides Hibiscus, I sold all my LeonFB shares at 87.5sen, also shortly before its share price advanced to RM1 level.

I realized a bit of profit from myNews just to hold a bit more cash. All these selling acts were in anticipation of upcoming Omicron wave after Chinese New Year.

Sunday 23 January 2022

Iconic Gloves: Only Time Will Tell

Last week in mid Jan22, Iconic officially launched its RM200mil gloves and face mask manufacturing facility in Batu Kawan.

This facility will house 12 double former gloves dipping lines (capacity 3.3bil per year) and 20 medical face mask production lines (capacity 220mil per year).

It has obtained CCC in early Nov21 and at the time of the official launch in Jan22, 6 nitrile gloves lines have already started running since Dec21.

The rest of the 6 gloves lines and 20 face mask lines are expected to start by Mac22.

Since the end of year 2020, share price of the 7 listed medical gloves companies in Malaysia dropped tremendously as their profits fell due to declining average selling price (ASP).

For new kids on the block who recently diversified into medical gloves manufacturing such as Iconic, their revenues (and probably profits) will grow as the contribution from gloves kicks in.

How will the market value the newcomers? Will their share price drop like the existing gloves counters, or rise due to increasing profit?

Saturday 15 January 2022

Preview of 2022: Tech Stocks Off To A Bad Start


Which sector in Bursa Malaysia will excel in year 2022? 

I think many investors opine that technology sector will continue to flourish in 2022 after doing exceptionally well in 2020 & 2021.

The reason is simple: 5G, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things, IR 4.0, smart devices, metaverse etc. 

These things are the future and it seems like they are still in their infancy stage. All of them need a lot more sophisticated chip.

Thus, semiconductor's demand is high in the foreseeable future.

However, as we step into the first two weeks of 2022, the stock prices of technology stocks in Bursa Malaysia drop like nobody's business.

Most of them suffers 15-25% slash in their share prices in the past one week alone.

Is this a golden opportunity to grab their shares or is it just the beginning of a prolonged downtrend?

Tuesday 4 January 2022

My Portfolio Dec21


Summary For December 2021

Portfolio @ End of Dec21

Finally a difficult year 2021 was over. My portfolio was flat in December and ended the year with a small gain of 2.32%.

This result is almost similar to year 2016 when my portfolio registered a 3.2% loss but I felt that 2021 was worse than 2016.

This is because I started year 2016 badly with a 10% loss in the first month. However, it improved from the second half and ended the year with the least loss.

In 2021, it was the opposite of 2016 as my portfolio started the year with a bang with 35% gain in the first month only to see the gain evaporated to just 2.3% by the end of the year.

Generally I feel relieved that I'm still able to stay in positive territory in year 2021 but at the same time also feel disappointed.

Last month was a "buy" month in which I bought in 4 companies' shares but this month is a "sell" month in which I sold the shares of 4 other companies.

With this move, I have reduced the total number of stocks in my portfolio to 14. There are still 4 stocks that I planned earlier to dispose in year 2021 but failed to do so.