Thursday 8 September 2022

My Portfolio Aug22

Summary of August 2022

Portfolio @ End of Aug22

In August 2022, MI suffered a meltdown and lost 22% in one month's time. However, my portfolio still manage to register a monthly gain of 3.7% thanks to Hibiscus, myNews and Uchitec.

Hibiscus's FY22Q4's result was very good as expected, with a PATAMI of RM215.5mil (EPS 10.7sen).

As a result, its share price rallied from 80sen+ to over RM1.00. The drop of Brent oil below USD100 and the tax dispute with Sabah government might have prevented its share price to re-visit RM1.50 level.

Its cash flow is generally OK and I think it should be able to achieve at least 20sen of EPS in FY23 even if the Brent oil falls to USD70-80.