Wednesday 27 March 2024

My Portfolio Feb24

Summary For February 2024

Stock Portfolio @ End of Feb24 

The stock market is quite bullish in the first two months of 2024. KLCI has already gained 6.6% and my portfolio just manage to match it at 6.4%.

In Feb24, I have added two new members into my portfolio: ADB & EUPE.

I decided to invest in ADB mainly because of e-invoicing, even though its PE ratio is not low at 30x at share price of 68sen.

E-invoicing will begin in Aug24 for those with annual turnover of at least RM100mil, whereas all taxpayers are compulsory to do it from Jul25 onwards.

I'm not sure how much profits ADB can get from this e-invoicing thing. By looking at its share price chart which dived from RM1.10 on the first day of trading to stay sideway at 60+sen level, I just feel that the only way it can head is north this year.

I purposely bought its shares before it released its FY23Q4 result but the result is a bit disappointing.