Thursday 13 July 2023

My Portfolio Jun23

 Summary For June 2023

Portfolio @ End of Jun23

My portfolio is rather flat in Jun23 with a marginal gain of 0.3%. Overall YTD still manage to stay in the positive territory of 3.1%.

T7Global started to make some move this month with a sudden surge from 41.5sen to 47.5sen in mid June, only to retreat to 44.5sen at the end of Jun23.

Gtronic made good progress as well with a 6.8% gain in the month.

However, MFCB dropped by as much as 7.0% in June which was somewhat unexpected to me. 

I thought MFCB's share price should be as steady as rock even if growth might be slow. It has dropped from RM3.60 to almost RM3.00 since earlier this year.