Wednesday 28 July 2021

JHM: New Addition to the "Auspicious" BKIP


Batu Kawan Industrial Park (BKIP) in southern Penang mainland has been a great success since Boon Siew Honda first moved into it in year 2011.

There is no surprise that the state government has started the planning of BKIP2 located south of BKIP at Byram Nibong Tebal.

Up to today, many global technology giants have set up their facilities in BKIP.

Those companies include Hewlett-Packard, VAT, Jabil Circuit, Broadcom (Avago), Western Digital, Boston Scientific, Haemonitics, Micron, Hotayi, Flex, Lam Research, Bosch Automotive etc.

Apart from international companies, many local technology-related companies have set up their plants in BKIP as well.

Most of them are listed in Bursa Malaysia and their presence in BKIP indicate expansion of their businesses.

So, with increased business volumes and profits, their share prices have gained tremendously since they planned their move into BKIP.

Who are they?

Friday 16 July 2021

New High Again (Not KLCI), Stay or Leave?

The image above shows the number of Covid-19 cases in the first week of MCO 1.0 in March last year. There was 106 new cases reported on 24th March 2020.

At that time, people were like scared to death and no one dared to come out from their home. Face masks were quickly running out of stock.

We thought that it was very serious when South Korea registered over 500 cases per day, and there was also that terrifying Japan cruise ship cluster.

Time really flies. Now it's already mid July 2021 and the daily new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia has reached a record high of 13,215 on 15th July 2021.

As of today, our accumulated Covid-19 cases has reached 893,323 cases while it's only 175,000 cases for South Korea.

Ironically, now people are not as scared as during March last year.

Sunday 4 July 2021

My Portfolio Jun21


Summary For Jun21

Stock Portfolio @ End of Jun21

My Portfolio registered 5.3% loss in the month of June, mainly "contributed" by the huge drop in SCIB, SCIB-WB, and to some extent, JAKS.

Overall year-to-date return has dropped to merely 2.3%.

I have sold part of SCIB's shares again this month at 77.5sen. Initially I planned to sell all of its shares and warrants to wrap up my investment in it, but last minute I changed my mind and sold only half of the remaining mother shares.

However, its share price continue to drop to 50sen, below my average price of 54.5sen

Anyway, SCIB has finally released its FY21Q1 result which was a bit of relief to me even though the result was slightly below my expectation.

So far there is still no mention of any accounting issue by its external auditor KPMG.