Sunday 28 February 2021

Should You Go For Covid-19 Vaccination?

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has been here for one year. I'm sure that almost everyone in the world wants it to end as soon as possible.

Now we Malaysians have a good chance to put all these miseries to bed, as our Covid-19 vaccination program has just started.

However, I find that some of those who are very scared of being infected with Covid-19 virus are reluctant to get themselves vaccinated.

Most of them want to wait and see first (if someone die from vaccination).

I think that this kind of mentality is common, probably due to influences of "news" from social medias which have been widely shared and circulating around.

"Four people died after vaccination", "XX country reports 30 death after vaccination", "Doctor or nurse died a few days after vaccination", "Someone paralyzed after receiving the jab" and so on.

For those pure headlines readers, they would probably be very scared of Covid-19 vaccines. However, if we read further, it's actually nothing to be worried about, at least until this moment.

Monday 22 February 2021

Better Late Than Never

I feel fortunate to realize the importance of financial planning just before I started working.

As we all know, schools do not teach us financial planning, be it in secondary schools, colleges or universities.

My parent did not teach me about it either and we definitely did not talk about it among friends during our school days.

I knew about it after reading a book regarding financial planning while waiting to start my working career.

When you know about it and start to practice it, it doesn't mean that you are already good at it or you can do it in a right way.

It takes time to understand and perfect the art of financial planning.

Monday 15 February 2021

In Trend Genetec Defies Trend

On 9th Feb 2021, three technology related stocks released their quarterly financial results. They are Genetec, FPGroup & JFTech.

I'd say that their results were not up to the expectation of most investors.

Genetec's FY21Q3 PATAMI of RM0.89mil was a 66% and 90% drop QoQ and YoY respectively. This Q3 used to be its best quarter in previous 3 financial years.

FPGroup's FY21Q2 PATAMI of RM2mil was also not that good, but still slightly better than Genetec with a 35% & 57% drop QoQ & YoY respectively.

This quarterly profit is its lowest in the last 2.5 years.

JFTech's FY21Q2 PATAMI of RM4.0mil was a mere 0.15% improvement QoQ, even though its share price has taken a rocket ride from RM1 to over RM8 (adjusted for bonus issue) in less than one year time.

Despite a slight increase in net profit, its EPS actually dropped 1.7% QoQ due to increase in outstanding shares.

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Never-Ending Car Loans

Financial planners always say: If you have money, don't buy a car, buy a house first.

It makes sense, a house appreciates with time but a car depreciates. If you really need a car, go for a second hand or the cheapest car you can get.

When I started my working career, I worked outstation and I needed a car badly. My family only had an old Proton Iswara and there was no extra car for me.

Obviously, I had to buy a car even before I got my first paycheck.

At that time, my take home salary was slightly above RM2000 per month. Which car do you think I should buy?

Tuesday 2 February 2021

My Portfolio Jan21


Summary For January 2021

Portfolio @ End of Jan21

January 2021 is another good month for my portfolio which gains 34.5%. It has exceeded my portfolio annual return target of 30%.

The main reason is SCIB again which rose 88% in Jan21 and it carries a huge percentage in my portfolio.

Anyway this is just paper gain and as of today it has dropped 20% in the last 2 trading days. Its bonus issue of warrants just ex-ed yesterday and will only be listed 2 weeks later on 16 Feb 2021.

Besides SCIB, technology related stocks in my portfolio also performed well in line with most tech stocks in KLSE.

Genetec, JHM & Krono's share prices increased 59%, 30% & 11% respectively, but Smetric-WA suffered a loss of 23%.