Tuesday 18 April 2023

My Portfolio Mac23

 My Portfolio @ Mac23

Portfolio @ End of Mac23

In March 2023, KLCI dropped another 2%, perhaps due to jittery atmosphere caused by bank failure in the US.

My portfolio could not escape the negative sentiment and retreated 1.3% this month, bringing the first quarter return down to 5.9%.

The biggest casualty in Mac23 was myNews which fell 19.4% in the month especially after it released its FY23Q1 result.

The loss-making result of myNews is somewhat expected but it seems like most investors were very disappointed with this set of result.

I sold part of my myNews shares just before it released its result, as I strongly felt that its share price would surely dive after the result was out.

I didn't sell all shares as I still hope for a miracle like most shareholders.