Wednesday 4 August 2021

My Portfolio Jul21


Summary For July 2021

Stock Portfolio @ End of Jul21

It's another lackluster month for Bursa Malaysia in which the KLCI fell 2.5% in July and went below 1,500 points.

Most of the stocks in my portfolio fell in the month of July but it still managed to register positive gain of 4.2% thanks to SCIB and JHM.

I have sold all my SCIB shares & SCIB-WB when their share price surged in early and then mid July.

Despite the heavy slump in its share price in recent months, my investment in SCIB still gives me a very good return of 185%.

I won't rule out reinvesting in both SCIB & KPower if the outcome of the Serba Dinamik saga is favourable to both companies.

It seems like tech stocks do well in general in this month, and this positive trend might continue for a longer period of time.

The quarterly results of all the tech companies who released their results in July are very impressive, including Vitrox, MI, Unisem, Genetec, Frontken and Aemulus, with only Gtronic not quite up to expectation.

Looking at Genetec's share price at above RM23 now, I can only shake my head in disbelief. Anyway, if I didn't sell earlier at RM4.20, I don't think I can hold its shares until above RM10.