Sunday 23 June 2013

The 42 Stocks By "Cold Eye"

One of the most famous and successful stock market investor in Malaysia, Fong Siling (Cold Eye) has given the public a list of 42 good stocks in Malaysia stock market earlier this year. Fong Siling is a "value investor", like Warren Buffet, who adopts fundamental analysis to identify good stocks and hold for long term.

       "Cold Eye"

Most of us want to know what stocks Mr Fong actually hold. However he probably won't let us know. You can screen all listed companies annual reports to find out their top 30 shareholders to see whether Fong Siling's name is there.

Now you can save your time, as Mr Fong has given us 42 stocks potential which he thinks are worth to invest in or at least pay attention to. This means that he will probably own these stocks or plan to own them in the future.

So if you are lazy to screen the stock market with more than 1000 stacks, just concentrate on these few stocks and pick a few which you think the best after doing your homework.

Below are the summary of the 42 stocks from nanyang press, published on 17 March 2013. Since it was 3 months ago, a lot of things have changed.

Translation in English:

1. PPB - Share price drops recently, mainly due to drop of Singapore major shareholder Wilmar International. However, temporary setback is also an opportunity.

2. Orient - Has good assets. Can pay attention.

3. MSC - Predict that this year it can get good profit & pay dividend. Actually a good blue chip. Has good management team. Besides, the price of tin has risen 40% since last year.

4. Canone - Personal suggestion is "buy". Share price is stagnant recently because of legal issue. Though slight high gearing, but I'm not too concern, as cash flow & earning are very good.

5. PIE - High dividend yield, but share price did not move much.

6. Scientx - Business covers plastic mould & property development. No debt.

7. Tecnic - Has good earning record. Give dividend and no debt.

8. MBSB - Personally think it is good. Has the potential to become a good blue chip, but need time.

9. NHFatt -Has good earning record.

10. Harta - Personally think it is the best glove stock. Though high PE ratio, its future plan is great.

11. Kossan - Personally think that glove market is still growing, must choose strictly. This is not bad.

12. QL - Ordinary business. Continue to grow. A company with a good management team.

13. Jobst - "Not bad" company.

14. Hapseng - A low share price company is not necessarily not good. A good company with diversified business.

15. Suria - Owns all ports in Sabah. Not bad.

16. ECS - Sell computer components. No debt. Has advanced and good management team.

17. Multico - Has good prospect. No borrowing. Has contracts on hand. Has chance to give dividend.

18. Favco - International company. Has factories in many countries. Has many contracts on hand.

19. Faber - Government-linked. Cash rich. Recently announced new contracts. Can give good dividend.

20. FACBInd - Has good cash flow.

21. GCB - Operate largest cocoa factory in the world. Big business. Good management.

22. Coastal - A shipping company. Can pay attention.

23. Benalec - Can pay attention. Do your own homework.

24. GTronic - Profit increased for the past 2 years. Estimate the trend can continue for 2-3 years.

25. Huayang - Property developer. Has good future plan. Build affordable homes.

26. Prestariang - Good dividend policy.

27. P&O - The best in insurance industry.

28. Pwroot - Can pay attention.

29. Unimech - Indonesia's business expands rapidly and can reach Malaysia's business size in 3-4 years. Can even hope to be listed in Indonesia.

30. UOADev - Cash rich. Good business skill.

31. Maybulk - A stock with contrary thinking. Suggest to buy in 2nd half 2013 or 1st half 2014. Company not only involves in shipping, but also ships trading. Recently bought a few good ships, which indicates shipping industry cycle has reach bottom. However, need to wait and do homework.

32. Cypark - Good business. Can pay attention.

33. Hevea - Particleboard and furniture business. Cash rich. Successful in entering China market.

34. Fitters - Diversified business, develops property. Debt free.

35. Daya - Can pay attention. Yearly profit RM2.8 billion, and plans to reach RM10 billion in 2015.

36. Ivory - There is rumour that condominium in Penang are sold at RM700psf, and 70% were sold without advertisement. Estimate that it can be even better after election.

37. L&G - Share price has dropped from peak to bottom, but successfully turned land without value into valuable land. Should perform well in the next 2-3 quarters. Cash rich, low gearing.

38. JCY - Semi conductor industry is affected by business cycle.  Recently its share price begins to rise, but can't guarantee the trend will continue. But, the room for drop is limited.

39. Unisem - Another semi conductor company that worth paying attention to. Can buy when it drops, and hold it.

40. MBL - A plantation company with good dividend yield.

41. MMode - A stock in ACE market. Has cash, in net cash position, pay dividend. Can hold.

42. Tambun - A stock that pay dividend and in net cash position.

You may think that a few stocks are not worth to be in the list or a few other stocks are even better than these. It is your choice, you do your own study, you made your own decision with your own money.


  1. A lot had went up dy.....did u listen to his talk in April???if not,can listen online,a bit different from the analysis in papers

  2. ya.. most of them up after election..
    didn't listen to the talk, can share the link here?

  3. I can't remember the link,but u can search in,under investment heading.....

  4. I hope he has sold these 3 stocks Benalec (Fraud), Daya (I was told fraud), Maybulk (wrecked by shipping cycle). Another one, Coastal (not doing well under the oil and gas theme).

  5. GTRONIC continuous trend for 2-3years.. i guess he was right tho..

    1. He's spot on, but 2016 should be a positive year if not for the delay in imaging sensor.