Wednesday 9 February 2022

My Portfolio Jan22

Summary for January 2022

Portfolio @ End of Jan22

The first month of year 2022 was not a good month to the stock market as KLCI dropped 3.5%.

Tech-related stocks led the drop with approximately 20% slash in their share prices.

My portfolio could not escape from the bad sentiment and registered 1.2% loss in the month of January 2022.

The share price of the hopeless Fast Energy fell the most at 26% but it did not affect the overall portfolio much as the value is already very small.

JHM & Gtronic were the worst performers apart from Fast but overall loss was minimized by the 23.9% rise in Hibiscus's share price.

I sold part of my Hibiscus shares earlier at 88sen which was at the wrong timing again.

Besides Hibiscus, I sold all my LeonFB shares at 87.5sen, also shortly before its share price advanced to RM1 level.

I realized a bit of profit from myNews just to hold a bit more cash. All these selling acts were in anticipation of upcoming Omicron wave after Chinese New Year.