Thursday 28 January 2021

How To Earn >100% in A Stock?

When I started this " Bursa Dummy" blog in 2011, I like to read other investment blogs too.

At that time, I felt that many investors were "dreaming" of finding a "gem" in stock market which can double its share price, or give 100% gain.(开番)

As a relatively new stock market investor, I was also dreaming to catch such a stock which can give me 100% gain.

Now, after 10 years of experience in the stock market, I find that making 100% gain in a particular stock is not that important anymore, even though it's actually simple to make 100% gain in a single stock.

What!? It's simple to make 100% in a stock? You must be "cocky" or arrogant in saying so.

However, let me tell you first the secret to make 100% or more in a stock.

Sunday 17 January 2021

SCIB Updates: Free Warrants On The Way

Finally SCIB's free warrants ex-date & exercise price have been announced. Shareholders have been waiting for it until sore neck.

The exercise price is fixed at RM1.77 per warrant which is higher than latest mother share's closing price of RM1.70, and it will be ex-ed on 2nd Feb 2021.

The reason I haven't sold any of my SCIB shares yet is because of this free warrants, it's quite a "generous" offer of 1 free warrant for every 2 SCIB shares.

Now the bonus shares and warrants are done, how about the future of this company?

Wednesday 13 January 2021

Big Decision: Property or Not

I mentioned in Sep20 that I'm interested to purchase another property for investment. I'm not just simply talking only, it's for real.

I thought I will not invest in another property again after my last purchase in 2012 but now the HOC announced in Jun20 has encouraged me to look for one.

The main reason is the removal of the 70% financing cap for a third home loan during the HOC period.

I've been out of property investment for quite a long time, and I'm not up-to-date regarding recent projects and price trend. 

After doing some research and attending some webinars about property investment, finally I made a decision to purchase a unit in Klang Valley.

However, one day before I was supposed to place my booking, I realized that I'm NOT entitled to 90% loan for a third residential property!

Thursday 7 January 2021

Merdeka 118: An Exciting New Landmark

I'm a pro-development guy, and I'm very excited about the development of Merdeka 118.

If you're going to Kuala Lumpur in the past 3 years, surely you can easily see that there are 2 new skyscrapers dominating the skyline.

One is The Exchange 106 at TRX which is already completed, and another one is Merdeka 118 which is still under construction.

Merdeka 118, developed by PNB (Permodalan Nasional Berhad), will be the tallest building in Malaysia and the second tallest in the world at 644m behind the ridiculous Burj Khalifa in Dubai at 829.8m.

It will drop to the third tallest in the world after the Jeddah Tower at 1,000m in Saudi Arabia is completed.

The 95-floor Exchange 106 stands at 445.5m which is almost at the same height as 88-floor Petronas Twin Towers in KLCC (451m).

Sunday 3 January 2021

My Portfolio Dec20

Summary For December 2020

Portfolio @ End of Dec20

December 2020 is another good month for my portfolio which gains 13.7%. This raises the annual gain to 95.4% which is much better than my target of 30%.

Year 2020 is a tough year for many of us, but the best opportunities always hide in a crisis. 

This is very true in stock market investment. A crash in share price produces a superb opportunity for investors to grab good stocks at much lower price.

I think most medium to long term investors, or fundamentalist should do well in stock market in year 2020. Our KLCI closes higher by 2.4% for the year and US indices break new highs.

As I have mentioned last month, I was actually very fortunate to invest in SCIB, KPower and Jaks. These 3 stocks contributed massively to my portfolio gain this year.