Sunday 6 March 2022

Tech Stocks: Has The Value Emerged?

Can I buy tech stocks now?

I think most stock market investors in Malaysia will have this question.

Year-to-date, most tech-related stocks have seen their share price dropped between 30-50%. Their previous optimistic PE valuation of 40-60x has fallen to 20-30x currently.

PE ratio of between 20-30x seems to be fair and not expensive in recent tech super cycle. 

However, will the PE valuation ever go back to 40-60x again when the sentiment in stock market improves later?

I really don't know. Who knows the PE might go back to 15-20x region when the worry of semiconductor oversupply emerges?

Anyway, tech related companies with high growth potential should be a safer bet.

Thursday 3 March 2022

My Portfolio Feb22


Summary For February 2022

Portfolio @ End of Feb22

In Feb22, KLCI registered a superb monthly gain of 6.35%, mainly due to the gain of blue chips plantation and banking stocks.

Technology related stocks continue to suffer as there seems to be a second round of sell-off. 

My portfolio has quite a number of tech-related stocks but it has been "saved" by Hibiscus again. Overall it's a flat month to me.

The hottest headlines recently is undoubtedly the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. It has resulted in the spike in certain commodities price such as crude oil, crude palm oil, soybean and aluminum etc.

When the US warned the world of the potential invasion of Ukraine by Russia earlier in February, I think not many people believed that it will ever happen.

We are living in a modern "civilized" world now. Even though there are still lots military conflicts around the globe, an "unprovoked" invasion of a sovereign country by a super power is almost unheard of.

Perhaps Ukraine or certain country has done something that provoked Russia but such brutal action of destruction to properties and life is definitely not right.